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Listing the Lav’s posts exploring the Rockman X series.

Rockman X Feature Articles
Rockman X Mega Mission
Honorable Mentions

Rockman X Feature Articles

General posts which focused on the Rockman X series.

Retro X – Collecting Mega Man X previews from old American gaming magazines. Includes X’s X1 prototype armor, the “White City” beta stage, the RoboPolice and lost characters RX & RY.

This was Rockman X! – Part one of Club Capcom‘s featured preview on Rockman X. Includes X’s profile and basic setting information, plus some early screenshots.

Rockman X: Origins – Part two of Club Capcom‘s featured preview on Rockman X. Includes a dev. team interview, early boss and enemy sketches, the armor system explained, and a preview of Zero’s character.

Ultimate X – A translation of the Ultimate Armor information from Capcom of Japan’s Rockman X4 homepage.

The Making of the Ultimate Armor – Part one of CAP!‘s coverage of Rockman X4. Includes dev. interviews, rare artwork of X’s Ultimate Armor, plus Zero’s unused Ultimate Armor design (probably the single most popular thing on the Lav).

When Irregulars Attack – Part two of CAP!‘s coverage of Rockman X4. Includes a classified case file on the “Irregular Hunter Massacre Incident” at the Spaceport, plus comics and art by Hitoshi Ariga.

Zero! ‘Nuff said. – A look at Zero’s appearances in the Rockman X2 Carddas series. Includes some rare art of X, Zero and Sigma, plus some obscure X2 story information.

Rockman X Confidential – An X and Zero adventure story from X1.

The “Death” and Return of Zero (X1-X2) – A tale of friendship overcoming all obstacles.

The Sigma Factor – A look at Sigma and his many forms from X1 to X3.

X, Commercialized. – Spotlighting the Japanese TV commercials for X1 and X2, then getting nostalgic over 90’s Mega Man X fan pages.

X8: Off The Charts – A rough height comparison of the X8 Irregulars reveals a glimpse of a boss design that was left on the cutting room floor.

Free X Pic Weekend part 1
Free X Pic Weekend part 2
Free X Pic Weekend part 3
Free X Pic Weekend part 4
X Pic Weekend Roundup
– Collecting the Carddas Rockman X Revival SP cards 1-4.


Rockman X Mega Mission

One of the first things the Lav set out to do was to translate all 135 of Carddas’ Rockman X Mega Mission cards (and yet I still don’t have scans up!)

The longest journey begins with a single step – A general introduction to Bandai’s Rockman Carddas card line and Mega Mission.

Mega Mission Translation, Take 1 – Translations of the Mega Mission series 1 cards #1-13.

Mega Mission, Part 2 – Covering cards #14-26.

Mega Mission, Part 3 – Covering cards #27-38.

Mega Mission Finale +α – Covering cards #39-42, plus the nine Jumbo Mega Mission cards.

Mega Mission 2 Translation, part 1 – Dealing with the beginning of Mega Mission set 2, covering cards #43-53.

Mega Mission 2, part 2 – Cards #54-66.

Mega Mission 2, Part 3 – Cards #67-74.

Mega Mission 2 Conclusion – Cards #75-84, wrapping up set 2.

Mega Mission 3, Part 1 – The translation of set 3 begins, covering cards #85-95.

Mega Mission 3, Part 2 – Cards #96-107.

Mega Mission 3, Part 3 – After a long break, I finally got my act together and translated cards #108-117.

Mega Mission 3, Conclusion – Finishing up the final cards of Mega Mission set 3, #118-126.


Honorable Mentions

Stuff that may have only mentioned the X series in some way or another.

The Lost Episode of Rockman 6 – In which Dr. Wily’s dreams are haunted by visions of Rockman X for the Super Famicom.

Retro Jumble – This one has a bit of everything. You’ll find some retro gaming magazine coverage of X1-X3 packed in there.

Happy Day of Sigma? – July 4 isn’t just when Will Smith saved our planet from an alien invasion, it’s also when Sigma invaded Japan.

Gamepro Rools the MM Cartoon Info – Basically, Gamepro Magazine thought we were going to get a Mega Man X cartoon. That would have been nice.

I like Big O. – And you should too! This just mentions in passing how the giant Illumina from X6 was based on Big O. Not much to do with X otherwise.

Before they were games – Geeking out about Rockman game betas and unused stuff that you can find on other sites.

The Power of Love – The only thing this has to do with X is his final ranking on CAP! magazine’s fan art driven Capcom character popularity poll. Zero ranked 9th overall, while X took 16th place. There, now you don’t even have to read it!

All Aboard the CFC Express! – X reminds himself why he always teleports in to work instead of taking public transportation.

Mecha On Parade – X and Zero cameo in this huge mecha-themed Capcom character collage.

Vile Mk-0 to build space colony – Did NASA rip off Rockman X? No, but they really should have.

If there is no problem… – In his X6 ending Zero sealed himself away, set to be awoken on August 15 102 years in the future. But why that particular date? (Short answer: I still have no idea.)

Retro Ads – Includes Capcom’s U.S. ads for Mega Man X for PC and Mega Man X3.

Tatsunoko vs Capcom: Say what? – Collects a few of Zero’s more interesting quotes from the Wii’s crossover fighting game.

The Sword and the Shield – Zero declares war on America. Captain America, that is.

Translation and Localization: X5 and beyond – The story behind X5’s Guns’N’Roses themed Maverick names has been revealed at last. It reveals some interesting points about the game translation process, too.


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    hello. i have a question regarding the X series translations…..

    is there a web page that had translated the Rockman X1: dr. Cain’s journal from the super famincon Japanese game mini book?

    i want to see the difference of both the north american and Japanese version of dr. Cain’s journal from the megaman x1 game story.


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