Monthly Archives: December, 2010

Year of the Raybit

I wasn’t going to put this up, but then somebody went and dared me. 2011 is the year of the rabbit in the Chinese zodiac. It actually doesn’t start until February though, or something like that. Here’s a little thingy I put together while intoxicated, which also happens to be the recommended state for viewing […]

The Power of Love

There’s less than a week left in the year, so let’s end the year with love, memories, and joy! Not mine, but someone else’s. From the pages of CAP! magazine comes Love Love Capcom Characters! Hideki Ishikawa draws some of his favorite Capcom faces. Naturally, there’s some Rockman love in there too! So snuggle up […]

Happy Holidays

Peace on Earth? Ill Will Between Robots!

Because some some friends of mine agreed, we need more Terra! Rockman vs Earth 202. You may have defeated me once, but you won’t defeat me again! Enjoy your holiday break!

When Irregulars Attack

An irregular incident can occur any time, any place. Those closest to law enforcement know this best of all. As those on the beat will tell you, wearing a badge is no protection against a sudden and senseless attack from a rampaging repliroid. Hundreds of Irregular Hunters fall in the line of duty each year, […]

Seasonal Fashion with Tron Bonne

Christmas is just around the corner (one week left!) so here to show us the latest look for this winter is none other than that renown pirate fashionista, Tron Bonne herself!

Carddas Countdown Celebration Complete!!

Happy Birthday Mega Man!!

Carddas Countdown Celebration: 2, 1…

Japan is a little over half a day ahead of us in the states, so Rockman’s birthday really begins this afternoon. With that in mind to those of you in Japan, Happy 23rd Birthday, Rockman! And for the rest of us, one more day!

Carddas Countdown Celebration: 4, 3…

The word of the day is Weaponry!

Carddas Countdown Celebration: 6, 5…

Today on the countdown, we look back at one of the over-arching sci-fi themes of Rockman, space exploration!