Monthly Archives: January, 2011

Dining A La Bonne

Climb aboard the Gesellschaft, and prepare for a dining experience like none other.

All Aboard the CFC Express!

Time for another Friday mash-up! Your free pic this week is the commencement image from the CFC Style Fan-Book‘s first issue. You may have seen it already in the Mega Man Official Complete Works book but it was printed rather small there, making it hard to enjoy all the fun details. Here is the image […]

X, Commercialized.

In Japan, Rockman has enjoyed a long history of animated television commercials. Today I’ll be looking at two such commercials for the Rockman X series that aired in the 90s.


Just a heads-up. I mentioned it a little last week, but as far as updating goes Mondays probably aren’t going to be good for the next month or so. I’m thinking maybe Tuesdays will be the new Mondays for a while. Or I could just update a couple times a week, and let it be […]

Friday Pile Up!!

Your free pic this week originally hails from promotional material for the obscure game Quiz Capcom World! This one stars many Capcom heroes and characters from the 80’s. Mega Man’s hanging out in the upper left corner, admiring the different Capcom aircrafts with a charming child-like sense of wonder. Pretty different from how Mega Man […]

A Day in the Life of a Servbot

First post of 2011! Felt like taking a little impromptu vacation. Did you guys miss me? There’s going to have to be some restructuring of the update schedule around here, but let’s figure that out later. And, speaking of schedules… This time we’ll be focusing on some of my favorite characters. I’m sure it comes […]