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Food for the troops!

I began this post in 2011. Every time I started working on it I went to a dark place and couldn’t go on. That year had that profound an effect on my life. It changed me. Most of the people around me couldn’t even fathom being that upset over a few cancelled video games, of […]

Happy Birthday Rockman …I guess

Rockman’s 24th birthday is here (not for very much longer now)… I tried to do like a big thing last year, but this time around I haven’t quite been able to find the motivation. But still, I should put something up, right? Here’s a special Rock & Rush 4 koma by Sakura from Rockman’s 10th […]

To Better Days

Your free pic Friday this week… Yes, we are doing a free pic Friday! Even though spirits around the Lav have taken a pretty heavy blow from you-know-what, there has also been an amazing outpouring of support from Mega Man fans all over, inspiring us to carry on. Here’s a little something from CAP! Vol. […]

I like big Servbots and I cannot lie…

Free pic this week: Archive image of some Servbots hard at work in the devroom, from way back in 1999! Don’t cry, little guy. We promise that starting the mission doesn’t hurt (too much).

Hideki Ishikawa’s Mega Man Universe

I’m pretty excited about the Archie Mega Man comic (which should be arriving in my mailbox any time now), and can’t wait to see what they’ll do with the Mega Man story. I’m reminded of another revision of Rockman that was done for CAP! Volume 7. Hideki Ishikawa was chosen to create a Rockman image […]

Dr. Data’s DASH Dissertation

Just as Capcom had done for the release of Rockman X, the development team behind the latest Rockman series set out to show off some concept art and answer the fans’ questions about the direction of the game, how it fit into the overall scheme of Rockman, that sort of thing. Or to at least […]

Developer’s Adventure Story in Halcyon days

Back in the fall of 1997, the first 3D polygon-built Rockman game had finally settled on a name: Rockman DASH. The project had originally been dubbed Rockman NEO, but just like its spin-off predecessor Super Rockman had evolved into Rockman X, Capcom had never settled on the NEO title. Instead, they preferred to see where […]

Rock Brother

The tale of Rockman’s long lost older bro who left home mysteriously never to return …and I don’t mean Blues.

The Adorable Mobi-chan Girl

Earlier we heard Dr. Right explaining the origins of Capcom’s arcade mini-mascot, and just this week we saw Mobi-chan hanging out in the Capcom Secret Laboratory report on Rockman 2: The Power Fighters (which incidentally, Mobi-chan appears in as bonus item). Now check out Mobi-chan as you’ve never seen before: unmasked to reveal a cute […]

Ultimate Justice on Parallel Earths

Rockman 2 The Power Fighters always felt like it had a lot going on. Building up to Rockman’s 10th Anniversary, it was in many ways a marked improvement from the first Rockman arcade title, incorporating separate but intertwined stories and objectives, new challenge mode rankings like time attack, the return of the animal helpers, new […]