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Your free pic this week is an original piece from the Capcom design team done for their first Rockman arcade title, Rockman The Power Battle. This was the largest version of the image I could find. It appeared in CAP! Vol 12. The red rectangle on the left is from overlaid text. Not sure about […]

The Weird, Wild & Whimsical World of “Rock & Rush”

The Capricious Rock & Rush is the comic series drawn by Capcom’s accidental manga artist, Sakura. These and his other works have appeared in various Capcom books, fan club magazines and promotional materials, and were even included as unlockable art in the gallery of the PS1 Rockman ports (soon to be available on the PSN!) […]

All Aboard the CFC Express!

Time for another Friday mash-up! Your free pic this week is the commencement image from the CFC Style Fan-Book‘s first issue. You may have seen it already in the Mega Man Official Complete Works book but it was printed rather small there, making it hard to enjoy all the fun details. Here is the image […]

The Power of Love

There’s less than a week left in the year, so let’s end the year with love, memories, and joy! Not mine, but someone else’s. From the pages of CAP! magazine comes Love Love Capcom Characters! Hideki Ishikawa draws some of his favorite Capcom faces. Naturally, there’s some Rockman love in there too! So snuggle up […]

When Irregulars Attack

An irregular incident can occur any time, any place. Those closest to law enforcement know this best of all. As those on the beat will tell you, wearing a badge is no protection against a sudden and senseless attack from a rampaging repliroid. Hundreds of Irregular Hunters fall in the line of duty each year, […]

On A Roll

Hey guys! It’s Monday, and that usually means an update here at the Lav! BUT…. I started playing the new Donkey Kong Country this weekend… and haven’t stopped. I’ve barely paused to break for maintaining bodily functions. This game has stolen my soul and hijacked my life (and I’m lovin’ it)! I’m afraid I’m not […]

Free Meal Friday

The characters from Rockman DASH sit down to a feast with other Capcom characters in this little pic that appeared in CAP! Vol. 8. Looks like MegaMan is getting just a little too much attention from Lilith for Roll’s tastes. Meanwhile: Jimmy like Servbot!

The Making of the Ultimate Armor

Since so many of you were interested in the last article about the Ultimate Armor, I thought you guys might enjoy this. From CAP! Volume 4 comes this rare glimpse at how the Ultimate Armor was conceived. And as a special bonus… want to see what Zero’s X4 Ultimate Armor would have looked like?

Free Harem Friday

Today’s free pic is another from the Ryuji Higurashi pre-Capcom art files of the CFC. The subject this time? The ladies of Capcom! The art is brilliant, as you’ve no doubt come to expect. The staff at Capcom commented, “Who wouldn’t want a harem like this!

Inafune Remembers Rockman

The man may have left the hallowed halls of Capcom, but there’s little doubt that he’s left his mark behind over the many years. As part of the Rockman series’ 10th birthday campaign back in 1997, Keiji Inafune got together with the Capcom Friendly Club and recanted his own feelings and recollections of working with […]