Monthly Archives: March, 2011

Who is Soul Battler Takeshi?

If you picked up the Mega Man Battle Network Official Complete Works book, you may have noticed this guy hanging out at the bottom of page 112. If you don’t remember him from any of the games, there’s a good reason why!

Developer’s Adventure Story in Halcyon days

Back in the fall of 1997, the first 3D polygon-built Rockman game had finally settled on a name: Rockman DASH. The project had originally been dubbed Rockman NEO, but just like its spin-off predecessor Super Rockman had evolved into Rockman X, Capcom had never settled on the NEO title. Instead, they preferred to see where […]

The Riddle of Dr. Wily

Your Friday art is from Carddas’ All Capcom World ’98 series. This set spanned 186 cards featuring artwork for what were then some of Capcom’s latest games, as well as classic arcade and console titles. While only a handful of these are Rockman related, this one in particular caught my eye. It’s not technically to […]


Marvel vs Capcom’s been out for a while now. For those who play, how’s your game shaping up? Developing those killer combos and strategies? Quite frankly, my skill level is probably average. Until we get a third Rockman character, my mains are typically (you guessed it) Zero, Tron and Servbot #42. Speaking of adding a […]

EXE Turns Ten!

Today (March 21, 2011) is the 10th anniversary of the Rockman EXE series in Japan. And because all the cool kids are doing it, I thought I’d join in the celebration too.

Forsaken Future Fridays

Check out this mini comic by Masahiro Fujii, from CapYon Vol. 2. The Future None Dare Speak Of Panel 1: The mysterious enemy known as Quint… is actually the Rockman of the future who was remodeled by Dr. Wily. X: Wha- Panel 2: You’re talking about me!? That thing is me!? Panel 3: X: Nah…… […]

Updates Update

This is just an announcement about some of the recent less-noticeable updates going on at the Lav. First, The Source has been getting some steady updates of late. If you haven’t checked it out lately, something new has probably been added. Not sure how much longer I ought to keep it all one page like […]

Rock Brother

The tale of Rockman’s long lost older bro who left home mysteriously never to return …and I don’t mean Blues.

It’s Quint’n Time!

The “Spring forward” of daylight savings left me a bit jet-lagged yesterday. Our annual one-hour leap into the future inspired me to take a look at another time-displaced character. You know him, you’re confused by him (and he’s just as confused himself): It’s Quint! Quint HP 500 81. The Rockman of the future, remodeled by […]

The Earth Moved

Just off the coast of Honshu today, Japan experienced its largest earthquake ever, and one of the largest in recorded history. After several days of smaller quakes, what is currently being called the 2011 Sendai earthquake and tsunami is believed to be an 8.9 in magnitude. Aftershocks and tsunamis are expected to rock regions of […]