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Zero, You Dog!

Just another quickie from page 135 of EGM² issue #50 (August, 1998). Poor Rush, Zeroed again… But I wonder, are those combos any good? There’s no denying I was just plain terrible at MvC1. I might have won against other players a handful of times at the arcade (out of dozens of attempts). Before I […]


Marvel vs Capcom’s been out for a while now. For those who play, how’s your game shaping up? Developing those killer combos and strategies? Quite frankly, my skill level is probably average. Until we get a third Rockman character, my mains are typically (you guessed it) Zero, Tron and Servbot #42. Speaking of adding a […]

The Sword and the Shield

I’m still kind of riding high on the Marvel vs Capcom 3 experience. Not near as much as I was into Tatsunoko vs Capcom last year, but that’s probably a good thing considering how debilitating that game became for me. Anyway, this will probably seem elementary to some of you, but perhaps there’s a few […]