Monthly Archives: October, 2010

Happy Halloween

A busy morning for Mega Man

I don’t usually do current events, but I’m giving it an editorial crack today…

Duel Robot Masters

Here’s the last holo-card I have yet to upload from the second set of Carddas’ Rockman trading card series. Rock faces off with Enker, the Rockman Killer (or was that Mega Man Hunter?) Have I mentioned yet that there’s an official game you can play with these? It isn’t very complex like we tend to […]

Prelude to Adventure

A prerequisite to digging, and a crash course on the world of DASH.

The Trouble With Triplets

Scanner’s running again. Let’s celebrate with another Rockman Carddas card! This time, it’s Rock vs. the triple threat of evil copies, the Holograph Rockmans! 46. Only one is the real deal! Attack and find which one!!

Ultimate X

Lack of time and scanner issues means a fast and dirty replacement special treat! Enjoy this web page translation from Capcom Japan’s Official Rockman X4 site.

A servbot’s gotta do what a servbot’s gotta do

And sometimes, a servbot’s gotta kick some zombie entrails.

Mecha Dragon Tales

Card #45 reenacts one of the most memorable moments from Rockman 2! Don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to see how this guy is going to look in Mega Man Universe. 45. Mecha Dragon has blocked your path! Beware its flame attack!!

Fun with #41

The rarest Servbot of all. In Tron ni Kobun (that’s The Misadventures of Tron Bonne to English speakers) a 41st kobun could be unlocked with the use of special promotional campaign data that was sent out to Dengeki magazine subscribers in Japan. It didn’t help them boost game sales like they hoped, but it did […]

Before they were games

I was looking this over at my affiliate Protodude’s Rockman Corner and I must say, early game builds always captivate me. Perhaps because it’s so familiar and yet so different. It’s pretty amazing the stuff that knowledgeable people can find by sifting through the game data, too.