Monthly Archives: July, 2011


This week’s free pic, the faces of all 9 Rockman DASH series cards from All Capcom World ’98. In one big lump, because I’m too lazy to take each one out of the package and scan them individually. Do wish I’d straightened them out a bit more though. Behold, for your viewing pleasure: Interesting nomenclature […]

Stuff that goes on.

It’s been a struggle finding the motivation to get a proper post done, with all that’s been going on lately in Mega Man. I know what’s what you’re here for, so I apologize for not having more to give you right now. While I try to get my act together, here’s some other stuff that’s […]

To Better Days

Your free pic Friday this week… Yes, we are doing a free pic Friday! Even though spirits around the Lav have taken a pretty heavy blow from you-know-what, there has also been an amazing outpouring of support from Mega Man fans all over, inspiring us to carry on. Here’s a little something from CAP! Vol. […]

Words fail me.

I’m already going to be losing sleep over it. You know what I’m talking about. To those of you who are hurt and deeply saddened by the news, I am with you. To those of you who are feeling angry and betrayed, I am right beside you. For all those of you who are disappointed […]

The Sigma Factor

We’re playing catchup here at the Lav for that longer than anticipated e-vacation. I had planned for this to go up two weeks ago on the Fourth of July / J-Day of Sigma. Unfortunately, I was playing hookey from blogging that week. So, I could either wait a whole ‘nother year, or we could pretend […]

Iceman vies for the number one slot!

Your free pic this Friday comes from the Rockman Battle & Chase soundtrack booklet, featuring art of Iceman in his racing machine, the Cool Mobile. Note the differences in angle and pose from the “tugging on the glove” Iceman racer image used just about everywhere. This variation didn’t make it into the Mega Man Official […]