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Posts about other Rockman related stuff that doesn’t quite fit the other categories, but don’t really have enough posts yet to make up their own sections for either.

Rockman Zero Feature Articles
Rockman ZX Feature Articles
Rockman EXE Feature Articles
Mega Man Cartoon Articles
Rockman Manga Articles
Retromags Articles

Rockman Zero Feature Articles

Zero: Drawn to Battle – Concept sketches for Zero’s moves in SVC Chaos.


Rockman ZX Feature Articles

Posts about the Rockman ZX series.

ZX Tunes Cover Cavalcade – A collection of the alternate cover art pieces for the album ZX Tunes.

Ciel would be proud – Energy “plant” could have been ripped straight out of ZX.


Rockman EXE Feature Articles

Posts about the Rockman EXE series.

Rockman EXE Operate Shooting Star – I express my initial surprise at the announcement of this unusual title.

EXE Turns Ten! – In honor of a decade of EXE, we’re marking the occasion by looking back at the series’ early concept art.

DASH, Don’t Rush – Collecting images of the obscure Navi Customizer support programs of EXE. It’s Rush, Beat, and Tango!

Who is Soul Battler Takeshi? – You can find out here.


Mega Man Cartoon Articles

Posts about the Ruby Spears Mega Man cartoon.

The Mega Man Cartoon: A Japanese Perspective – Capcom of Japan gives their impressions of the Mega Man cartoon.

Gamepro Rools the MM Cartoon Info – Gamepro’s coverage of the Mega Man cartoon.

Mega Man Anime Again – Japanese fans get their fist look at the Mega Man “anime.”

Free Teaser Friday – Japan gets another li’l taste of the ‘toon.


Rockman Manga Articles

Posts featuring Rockman-related mangas, or about Rockman manga artists.

Free Honey Fridays! – A yonkoma by Hideki Ishikawa.

Megamix and Bondman – A little blurb about the latest Japanese version of Hitoshi Ariga’s Megamix.

Rockman Gigamix – A tiny post about Ariga’s Gigamix fan character submissions.

Trekkies have one… shouldn’t Mega Man? – Translation of a comic featured on Ariga’s blog.

When Irregulars Attack – Ariga sketches characters from the X series, including a yonkoma about Zero in X4.

A Special Request – Scan of an image of Rockman playing soccer by Ariga.

ZX Tunes Cover Cavalcade – Contains pieces by artists like Hitoshi Ariga, Yoshihiro Iwamoto, and Hideki Ishikawa.

The Weird, Wild & Whimsical World of “Rock & Rush” – An induction into the bizarre Rockman world of Sakura.

Rock Brother – A spotlight on Sakura’s original character, Rockman Brazil.

Happy Birthday Rockman… I guess – Sakura’s take on Rockman’s 10th Anniversary.

Forsaken Future Fridays – Masahiro Fujii brings us this yonkoma about Quint! Originally hails from CapYon Vol. 2.

The Manga of Rockman Perfect Memories, part 1 – Classic Rockman manga by Yuutarou Kawamoto.

The Manga of Rockman Perfect Memories, part 2 – Rockman X manga by Yuutarou Kawamoto.

The Manga of Rockman Perfect Memories, part 3 – Rockman DASH manga by Yuutarou Kawamoto.

The Manga of Rockman Perfect Memories, part 4 – A manga in honor of Rockman’s 15th Anniversary by Yuutarou Kawamoto.

The Manga of Rockman Perfect Memories, part 5 – Additional Rockman related mangas by Yuutarou Kawamoto.

Hideki Ishikawa’s Mega Man Universe – Technically not a manga, but a single piece of art that’s packed with story and personality. There’s talk of the Dreamwave and Archie Mega Man comics here, too.

The Second Waltz – An addendum to the post above, with even more W. Waltz!

Comic Cameos Continued – More of Ishikawa’s characters pop up in Ariga’s manga.

Who Puts the “Rock” in Rock’n Game Boy – In the ’90s, Shigeto Ikehara drew a lot of Rockman manga. It all started right here.

ROCK’N GAMERS vs BIT BENDERS – More Rock’n Game Boy manga scans.

ROCK’N the WORLD – Even more Rock’n Game Boy scans!

ROCK’N ENDGAME – The final part of Rock’n Game Boy‘s Rockman-related adventures.


Retromags Articles

Posts featuring Mega Man clips from old U.S. gaming magazines.

Retromags Week – An introduction to the site Retromags.

Retro Ads – A collection of past U.S. Mega Man advertisements.

Retro X – X-amining previews of the X series.

Retro Origins – Telling and retelling the story of Mega Man.

Retro Designs – How Nintendo Power’s Mega Man 3 coverage was way ahead of the pack.

Retro Jumble – Checking out old Gamepro and Nintendo Power Mega Man coverage.

Gamepro Rools the MM Cartoon Info – Same as above!

Revenge of the Press Release – Actually, it’s Dr. Wily’s Revenge.

Break Man Begins – Featuring Nintendo Power’s version of Break Man!

It’s Quint’n Time! – Featuring Nintendo Power’s version of Quint!

Thanks for the Tip – Sometimes these things just crack me up.

Zero, You Dog! – There was a period between the late 1990s and early 2000s where American video game magazines started calling Mega Man’s dog “Zero.” A lot.


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