Megamix and Bondman

I’ve been reading a lot from Japan lately about the new Megamix compilations. The most interesting thing I’ve read so far has to do with the “Rockman Tanjou Densetsu,” or Rockman Creation Legend section where Ariga and Inafune discuss the behind-the-scenes secrets surrounding Rockman’s birth.

One interesting story about the first Rockman game is that of the boss that never was, Bondman. Originally, it is said, the proposal for Rockman 1 included 8 robot masters, but due to time constraints and disk space concerns, that number was scaled back to 6. Of the two that got the axe, one boss was still undecided, while the other was to be an adhesive themed robot named Bondman. This boss’s special weapon would have been used to stop enemy robots in their tracks. When Bondman was canceled, this power became an attribute of Iceman’s Ice Slasher instead. It seems the concept sketches of Bondman were hopefuls to appear in R20, but tragically, the art was seemingly lost years ago.

I’ve heard that this story is but one of the topics touched upon in the article. I don’t own the books myself yet, but when I can get my hands on them, I hope to do some kind of write-up about it. My birthday is coming up, so maybe…

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