Monthly Archives: February, 2011

Beat It!

Hey, February is National Bird-Feeding Month! I’m taking advantage by spotlighting Rockman’s winged sidekick. Get ready for a Beat-down! (And probably more than a few puns like that one.)


Your free pic this week is an original piece from the Capcom design team done for their first Rockman arcade title, Rockman The Power Battle. This was the largest version of the image I could find. It appeared in CAP! Vol 12. The red rectangle on the left is from overlaid text. Not sure about […]

Servbots South of the Border

Saw this on the art blog scene, thought it was pretty amazing. Pop culture work prints based on Día de los Muertos calaveras. Though not technically supposed to be a servbot, it can’t get much closer. You can catch some of the others here. Artistic sweetness.

Some days aren’t yours at all.

Hey guys. Sorry, I’ve got nothing done for this Monday. It’s been a troubling couple of days. Here, please accept this humble card of Wily having a less than stellar day of his own. Because sometimes we all know how it feels when nothing goes our way, and all our best laid plans come crashing […]


Your pic this week is even more RockBoard! This is the official art for the four stages you play on, from the RockBoard Manual. Fans of global geography will surely recognize that these maps were based on the real continents (and one country) of Africa, the United States, Antarctica, and South America. Or, as the […]

Happy Valentines Day

The Board That Rocked

Capcom’s first non-action video game starring Rockman came out in January of 1993. How do you sell a Rockman game that’s completely unlike a Rockman game? If you’re Capcom, you do it like this.

Zero: Drawn to Battle

So, any of you guys excited about Marvel vs Capcom 3? I’ve never been huge into fighting games, but I really got into Tatsunoko vs Capcom last year, and now I’m totally looking forward to kicking some butt with Zero and Tron. Apparently their character endings have already hit the net, so those looking for […]

Another Day in the Life of a Servbot

It returns! Now presenting A Day in the Life of a Servbot: The Misadventures of Tron Bonne edition!

The Weird, Wild & Whimsical World of “Rock & Rush”

The Capricious Rock & Rush is the comic series drawn by Capcom’s accidental manga artist, Sakura. These and his other works have appeared in various Capcom books, fan club magazines and promotional materials, and were even included as unlockable art in the gallery of the PS1 Rockman ports (soon to be available on the PSN!) […]