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Food for the troops!

I began this post in 2011. Every time I started working on it I went to a dark place and couldn’t go on. That year had that profound an effect on my life. It changed me. Most of the people around me couldn’t even fathom being that upset over a few cancelled video games, of […]

Toru Nakayama’s Women of Rockman

Like the Heroes calendar, Capcom’s 2012 Girls Calendar featured its own Rockman panorama, this one by famed Rockman Zero series artist Toru Nakayama. Taking up the highly contended for New Years/Valentine’s Day position, no less! Not quite as comprehensive as the boys’ side. This one has representations from more of the different subgroups of Rockman, […]

Happy Katanakka, one and all!

It’s our day of Thanksgiving here in the States. Why not take a minute to appreciate the people who are closest to you?

Come on guys, no cheating!

The Fine Art of DASH2, Starring #20!

Included in the Rockman DASH 2 Final Digouter’s File is a chapter that’s entirely devoted to showing off design and concept art. Not content to simply display the art, they even got Tron and some of her Kobuns to introduce each piece and even provide some informative commentary! After all, who knows more about their […]

I like big Servbots and I cannot lie…

Free pic this week: Archive image of some Servbots hard at work in the devroom, from way back in 1999! Don’t cry, little guy. We promise that starting the mission doesn’t hurt (too much).

The Manga of Rockman Perfect Memories, part 5

Our final installment! Today we’re looking at the last two mangas left in Rockman Perfect Memories, and they’re both from the jacket cover flaps. Enjoy!

Servbots South of the Border

Saw this on the art blog scene, thought it was pretty amazing. Pop culture work prints based on Día de los Muertos calaveras. Though not technically supposed to be a servbot, it can’t get much closer. You can catch some of the others here. Artistic sweetness.

Another Day in the Life of a Servbot

It returns! Now presenting A Day in the Life of a Servbot: The Misadventures of Tron Bonne edition!

Mecha On Parade

One more big group shot from the Capcom Design Works book: Featured (if you can find them!) are Rockman, X, Zero, and even some Kobuns!