Monthly Archives: January, 2013

The Answer

R20+5 contains page after page of interviews with Rockman series artists, past, present, and up and coming. It culminates in a section called “The Answer” where more than 10 representatives of Capcom and Inti Creates take turns answering over 50 of the fans’ Rockman-related questions gathered from Rockman Unity. I thought it would be fun […]

Dr. Right Takes Over the World

R20+5 contains amongst its bounty some Rockman 9 early storyboard concepts for the opening demo scene that show off some of the unused ideas of the Inti Creates development team, along with the unused robot masters and the original subtitle for the game.

Polly want a Force Metal

Rockman X Command Mission‘s concept art section is slightly expanded in R20+5, with the images spread across 2 extra pages. That means room for a few more pieces, plus the ones that were already there are now generally a bit larger and more spread out. Unfortunately, what was added was for the most part already […]

Happy and sad, but mostly glad

Here we are nearing the end of January. How’s 2013 treating you so far? I now have a copy of R20+5. It’s still missing many things I hoped to see within, but there’s more than enough great additions and surprises to more than make up for it. One such unexpected extra: Artwork from the DASH3 […]