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You Asked For It

As my holiday gift to you, I’m going to finally address some of the talking points on the Ask page.

Mega Man as Nonfiction

Wherein I review a certain recent piece of Mega Man literature.

The 3DS Difference

I’ve had over a month now to collect my thoughts on the Mega Man Legacy Collection for 3DS, but here they are still strewn about all over the place. You can observe my futile attempts at painstakingly assembling them below.

Rockman’s Find the 41 Falsifications Challenge

This year Rockman Unity’s April Fools celebration put up a spot-the-differences activity using the Rockman Character Collection cover art. They said there are 41 changes (for 4/1 of course) between the two images. They challenge you to see how many you can spot in 10 minutes. Ucchy says his record was 35, so see if […]

Street Fighter x Dr. Right

Nearing the physical release of Mega Man Legacy Collection and its Japanese counterpart Rockman Classics Collection now, and Rockman Unity’s Ucchy and Rockman Producer Kazuhiro Tsuchiya have given a thorough preview of the e-Capcom Special Limited Edition box set (which has long since sold out). They also discuss some of the inspiration behind the Daily […]


Capcom Japan was unusually active for Rockman’s 28th birthday this year, complete with its own hub page. There’s a simple icon pack you can download, with more packs on the way between now and the release of Rockman Classics Collection. A twitter retweet campaign to win some rare backstock out-of-production goods. There’s also a Worst […]

Rockman Jump!s On Stage

Capcom and Rockman Unity‘s Takekuni Uchida recently announced that there will be a Rockman stage show at Jump Festa ’16 from around 1:10 to 1:40 pm on December 20th to promote the Rockman Classics Collection. Kazuhiro Tsuhiya, said on Capcom Unity to be a Producer for Mega Man Legacy Collection (although I didn’t see his […]

Weird Science

Several new sample pages from the Rockman Classics Collection Limited Edition pocket planner went up on e-Capcom today. Quick facts for the book: Dimensional size A6, 464 pages total mini calendar for 2016 and 2017 (1 page each) monthly planner section for February 2016 to April 2017 (2 pages per month) daily diary/notes (2 days […]

Higurashi Brings the Classics Back

As I and the rest of the internet have been falling in love with Ryuji Higurashi’s comics-inspired, nostalgia-inducing Rockman Classics Collection cover art, I was reminded of another piece of his that appeared in one of Capcom’s official artbooks early this year. Higurashi was already a huge fan of Rockman even before starting at Capcom […]

It was Tuesday

“What the… 5,000 yen for a pocket planner? SERIOUSLY, Capcom? Who would spend that much on something like that?! What are they thinking–” ‡“Along with the daily planner pages, we’ve also included a Research Journal with pages of notes detailing the experiments of Rockman’s father, Dr. Right — published here for the first time ever! […]