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Plushie IncognitoArguably the most talked-about toy in the Rockman mythos is Alouette’s white cat plushie. A heartfelt gift from the human Ciel to a scared repliroid child, it represents the feelings of kindness, empathy, and hope for human/robot relations that Zero must protect. That moment in the first game when the Resistance base is invaded and Zero comes across it abandoned on the ground is one of those small but memorable moments that never really leaves you. The stuffed animal survives the rest of the war, sees some improvements, and goes on to again become a central object some 200 years into the future when Vent and Aile seek acceptance into the Guardians (unless you insist that Prairie isn’t Alouette, for whatever inobvious reason). This small toy has quite the history. But, does it have a name? Inti Creates character designer Masaya Suzuki speaks on this very subject in R20+5‘s The Answer.

Rockman Zero Question 1

Q01: Does Alouette’s Stuffed Animal have a name?

Suzuki: Because there have been so many ideas floating around on the subject of “the truth behind the Stuffed Animal”, internally we don’t really have a clearly defined backstory for it. But many of us feel that, knowing Alouette, she would have given it a name. So there probably must be a name for it, we just don’t know what it is yet.

A stirringly honest statement, makes me wonder what kind of theories were floating around… Might that Stuffed Animal hold another secret yet to be revealed beyond its mysterious name? Time may tell… Well, if the ZX series ever continues, maybe.

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    Maybe it’s the Mega Man series’s own Li’l Cal.

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