Monthly Archives: November, 2012

What’s up, Doc?

Doc Robot K-176. A series of monstrous robots whose skills, attacks and even weakness change radically depending on which program is installed. Just when you think you’ve cleared all 8 robot master stages in Rockman 3, these guys jump out of the shadows and take over 4 of the sections you thought you were done […]

The X-3 Files

Friday bonus pic: original artwork from the Rockman X3 Carddass Station System File. Charge up!

Happy Katanakka, one and all!

It’s our day of Thanksgiving here in the States. Why not take a minute to appreciate the people who are closest to you?


Here’s a random bit of the past for the TRUE FAN: an ad for the Nubytech MMX controller that ran in magazines and even the GCN Mega Man X Collection booklet.

Coffee from Brazil?

You might say Hitoshi Ariga is a man who appreciates little cameos. His mangas tend to be full of them, the Rockman ones especially. It helps to keep an eye out, because you never know who might pop up in his works. Even Rock’s less famous older brother.

iScript Mega Man X

I’m sure by now that all of you with an iPhone or iPad followed my advice about picking up the Mega Man X app while it was on sale. (Let us pretend this is so.)