Monthly Archives: November, 2015

Weird Science

Several new sample pages from the Rockman Classics Collection Limited Edition pocket planner went up on e-Capcom today. Quick facts for the book: Dimensional size A6, 464 pages total mini calendar for 2016 and 2017 (1 page each) monthly planner section for February 2016 to April 2017 (2 pages per month) daily diary/notes (2 days […]

Higurashi Brings the Classics Back

As I and the rest of the internet have been falling in love with Ryuji Higurashi’s comics-inspired, nostalgia-inducing Rockman Classics Collection cover art, I was reminded of another piece of his that appeared in one of Capcom’s official artbooks early this year. Higurashi was already a huge fan of Rockman even before starting at Capcom […]

It was Tuesday

“What the… 5,000 yen for a pocket planner? SERIOUSLY, Capcom? Who would spend that much on something like that?! What are they thinking–” ‡“Along with the daily planner pages, we’ve also included a Research Journal with pages of notes detailing the experiments of Rockman’s father, Dr. Right — published here for the first time ever! […]

How to blog

I’m often of two minds on how to go about this blog, and I want your opinion on it. Option 1: Focus on in-depth articles that really probe and examine the history and lore of Mega Man, with full translations and references and large interspersed images. + Better overall quality of information and presentation! – […]