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Chrono Trigger
The Big O
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Chrono Trigger

Posts about the Chrono Trigger franchise.

For Chrono Trigger Fans – Announcing a translation I made of the BS Chrono Trigger Character Library.

A look back in time with Chrono Trigger – Translations of the concept sketches from Chrono Trigger Ultimania.


The Big O

Posts about the The Big O franchise.

I like Big O. – Select translations from The Big O Official Guide.


General Blogging

Times have changed, and I with them. – My very first blog post. There is really no reason at all to bother reading this.

I’m not dead yet… – An apologetic post for a very long stretch of non-blogging.

One Year In – A re-evaluation of this blog and its direction.

I’ve been tweaking with the layout. – Since this was when the Lav was still on Blogspot, you won’t actually notice any of these changes.

Sigh. – There are no words.

August wasn’t my best month for blogging. – Now there’s an understatement!

First Post on Interordi.com! – The Lav settles in to its new home.

A busy morning for Mega Man – I editorialize on the subject of Inafune resigning from Capcom.

Schedules – I considered changing the update schedule around; the motion was defeated.

The Earth Moved – Talking about the 2011 Sendai earthquake and the state of emergency it caused in Japan.

Updates Update – Ch-ch-ch-changes.

Poll Results Are In – I try to gauge what some of my readers’ favorite Mega Man series are. Turns out, they’re a lot like mine.

Manic-Depressive Monday – Some days I just can’t get a post up.

I want a foreign cellphone – I’ve been saying that for years, but every so often they up the ante.

Stuff that goes on. – Current events. Some happy, some sad.



Random posts celebrating American holidays.

Happy Memorial Day – Memorial Day 2010.

Happy Fathers Day – Father’s Day 2010.

Happy Independence Day – American Independence Day 2010.

Happy Labor Day – Labor Day 2010.

Happy Halloween – Halloween 2010.

Happy Thanksgiving – Thanksgiving 2010.

Happy Holidays – Winter holidays 2010.

Year of the Raybit – New Years 2011.

Happy Valentines Day – Valentines Day 2011.


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