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New for 2016

Two new pages have been added to the top menu: a “Servbot Art” and an “Ask” page.

Servbot Art is a collection of commissions I was fortunate enough to receive from many talented artists in and around the Mega Man community. They still load randomly on the right side of the page, but now you can also look at them whenever you like. I’ve also tried to link to their pages if you’d like to view their portfolios or commission them yourselves. Many thanks once again to all of the artists!

Ask is the official place for asking me questions or making requests, in the hopes that they will no longer get buried in old blog posts and forgotten. If you requested something that I never addressed, please feel free to ask again there. You can request anything you like, but remember that this site is a hobby done in my spare time, for no money, and only when the motivation strikes. So don’t expect the moon (sigh) and the stars, and we’ll get along just fine.

Thanks for reading, see ya in 2016!


Capcom Japan was unusually active for Rockman’s 28th birthday this year, complete with its own hub page.

There’s a simple icon pack you can download, with more packs on the way between now and the release of Rockman Classics Collection.

A twitter retweet campaign to win some rare backstock out-of-production goods.

There’s also a Worst Rockman Trauma Contest, where they want to hear what your old war stories about which stages from Rockman 1~6 are the most difficult of all time. You can include all your most hair-pulling, controller-throwing, tantrum-inducing levels via the official submission form, or by tweeting @ROCKMAN_UNITY using the hashtag #ロックマントラウマ (which means #RockmanTrauma).

They have announced an art contest over at Nico Nico Douga to start in mid-January, seems rather similar to the art contest held on Capcom Unity for Mega Man Legacy Collection a while back. Not sure what luck you’ll have if you try resubmitting, since Ucchy and Tsucchie were already judges for that contest too.

Cap-Bar, Capcom’s restaurant enterprise, is also serving specialty menu items this week, including Rockman-themed birthday cakes as well as a blue “Rockbuster” drink that comes in both alcohol and non-alcoholic forms.

Capcom also wants to remind everyone that there’s plenty of Rockman goodies to dig into on their CapCam mobile app, where you can take insert Capcom pitures and characters into your selfies and photos.

Most aligned with my interests, the Rockman Unity blog has posted an interview with original Rockman 1 & 2 programmer Nobuyuki “H.M.D.” Matsushima. It turned out to be pretty much the same as the H.M.D. interview that ran in Famitsu magazine some weeks ago, but with a few more fun facts and anecdotes thrown in for good measure.

Finally, there’s a new sneak peek at the upcoming Rockman Classics Collection and special limited edition planner, complete with commentary and Q&A from Rockman Classics producer Kazuhiro “Tsucchie” Tsuchiya. They’ve included another handful of samples from Dr. Right’s Journal as well, one of which divulges that Cut Man’s birthday (or completion date) is April 29 at 8:23 pm. How appropriate that we should learn this during the year of Cutman!

With all this and the Rockman stage show later this week at Jump Festa, this has been a surprisingly wide and multi-faceted celebration for an anniversary year that isn’t really even one of the big seminal intervals.

One last thing I wanted to mention, while Rockman Unity became a hotbed of announcements earlier this week, it was confirmed that Rockman Classics Collection is going to include several “new” pieces missing from Legacy Collection in its Museum, most noticeably the U.S. Mega Man boxes. To my delight, they appear to be of better quality than the scans I took and uploaded a while back. You remember, that post where I was complaining about things that were absent from the Museum. And it looks like they’ve upped the ante with some scans of the Japanese game manuals as well.

Looks Familiar

Touche, Capcom. Well played.

Rockman Jump!s On Stage

Capcom and Rockman Unity‘s Takekuni Uchida recently announced that there will be a Rockman stage show at Jump Festa ’16 from around 1:10 to 1:40 pm on December 20th to promote the Rockman Classics Collection. Kazuhiro Tsuhiya, said on Capcom Unity to be a Producer for Mega Man Legacy Collection (although I didn’t see his name in the MMLC credits, so perhaps he’s more involved with the Japan side of things), will be at the event as well.

Tsuchiya is probably most famous for his role as Producer on 2012’s Asura’s Wrath, which was a 3D beat-em up, a shooter-on-wheels, a quicktime event ballet, and a season’s worth of action-driven religious-themed DBZ-styled space opera anime all melted down into one. That’s not to say he had no previous interaction with Rockman however, since he actually did some debugging work for Rockman 5 and was credited under “TSUCCHIE” as a Programmer in Rockman 7. He’s also contributed as a Capcom-side content Supervisor to several popular cross-over games, including Project X Zone and Super Smash Bros for 3DS/WiiU, both of which featured Rockman characters. As a matter of fact, even Asura featured a quick, blink-and-you’ll-miss-it Rockman cameo towards the very end of the DLC. You actually have to pause the cinematic stills of the epilogue and pan the screen around to the right to catch it!

Rockman cameo from Asura's Wrath.

Rockman cameo from Asura’s Wrath.

The stage event will probably consist of an interview/presentation with Ucchy, and some promo video or possibly live gameplay. With any luck will be recorded and uploaded to the vast internet, just in case any interesting tidbits happen to come out of it. While I’m asking for things, I also hope they bring out some of those classic Rockman stage costumes from the 90s, if it’s not too much trouble.

Weird Science

Several new sample pages from the Rockman Classics Collection Limited Edition pocket planner went up on e-Capcom today.

Quick facts for the book:

  • Dimensional size A6, 464 pages total
  • mini calendar for 2016 and 2017 (1 page each)
  • monthly planner section for February 2016 to April 2017 (2 pages per month)
  • daily diary/notes (2 days on a page for February 2016, 1 entire page for each remaining day through March 31, 2017)
  • contacts pages for friends’ email addresses, phone numbers, birthdays, etc.
  • Rockman art, dot/sprites and trivia interspersed throughout (short story synopses by game, character data, development “secrets”)

The sample pages contain a good idea of what you’ll find in the pocket book, including several sections of Dr. Right’s Research Journal, all of which are translated below.

Be warned, your opinion of Dr. Right could change based on some of these.

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Higurashi Brings the Classics Back

As I and the rest of the internet have been falling in love with Ryuji Higurashi’s comics-inspired, nostalgia-inducing Rockman Classics Collection cover art, I was reminded of another piece of his that appeared in one of Capcom’s official artbooks early this year.

Rockman 9 by Ryuji Higurashi, from Capcom Visual Works 2004-2014.

Rockman 9’s robotic cast by Ryuji Higurashi
from Capcom Visual Works 2004-2014.

Higurashi was already a huge fan of Rockman even before starting at Capcom at the end of the 90s. He first caught the company’s attention by submitting his fan art to Capcom’s fan club magazine CAP! that was published 2 to 3 times a year in Japan. You can view these early submissions here: [1] [2] [3] [4].

Once Higurashi had been officially hired on, Capcom put his youthful enthusiasm to good use by putting his talents to work on the commercial illustrations for the Rockman Complete Works series of games which ported the first 6 Rockman Famicom titles for individual releases on to the Playstation between August and December of 1999. He’s been a huge contributor to Rockman series art ever since, particularly when they want to achieve that “classic” Rockman style. He did the lion’s share of promotional art when Capcom brought the early 90’s 8-bit look back for Rockman 9, as image above clearly attests to. At the same time, he’s also capable of pushing the envelope, which is why Capcom put him in charge of overseeing Mega Man’s new look for Super Smash Bros 4. And here he is now, 16 years passed from where he started, working on the cover for another Rockman 1-6 collection — just like how it all began.

As he has proven once again, he’s certainly the right artist for the job.

It was Tuesday

What the… 5,000 yen for a pocket planner? SERIOUSLY, Capcom? Who would spend that much on something like that?! What are they thinking–

Right Research Journal

“Along with the daily planner pages, we’ve also included a Research Journal with pages of notes detailing the experiments of Rockman’s father, Dr. Right — published here for the first time ever! These memos can only be found in this exclusive notebook. Revealed at last, Dr. Right’s illuminating insights on subjects ranging from Rockman to world peace are a must-read.”

[ o.O]


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How to blog

I’m often of two minds on how to go about this blog, and I want your opinion on it.

Option 1: Focus on in-depth articles that really probe and examine the history and lore of Mega Man, with full translations and references and large interspersed images.
+ Better overall quality of information and presentation!
Takes more time and effort, meaning updates are irregular and sporadic.
I will usually run out of steam long before I actually finish the things I start, resulting in posting half-finished articles and in dropping some topics entirely.

Option 2: Post up more little things, such as fun images or trivial observations. Break translations down into small sections at a time instead of whole pages all at once.
+ Potential for regular actual updates!
Makes me less likely to commit to completing the larger, fuller article styles mentioned above.
Skews towards shitposting.

At various times in the past I’ve tried combining bits of both, but I sometimes think it would be better to try and commit to one method or another, particularly in trying to get a working routine down. If you feel like throwing your 2 cents in, I invite you to share your opinion on this poll which will be up for about 2 weeks. You can vote for up to 2 answers if you feel like being sassy.


How should I run this blog?

  • Only the best! Save up energy for quality over quantity. (38%, 10 Votes)
  • Big, small, I don't care. Just update already! (35%, 9 Votes)
  • Better to do regular updates, even just for little things. (23%, 6 Votes)
  • Does it even matter? You're just going to do what you want anyway. (23%, 6 Votes)

Total Voters: 26

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Dee Jay may be available to dance on a robot cat at your next party.

Capcom Magazine '94 insert from the June 3 issue of FamiMaga.

Capcom Magazine ’94 insert
from the June 3 issue of FamiMaga.

Gaze upon the cover for Capcom Magazine ’94: Mega Man, Rush and Tango hang out with chibi versions of the four New Challengers from Super Street Fighter II. Somehow this little piece didn’t make it into R20 or SF20 art books, though I enjoy it quite a bit–especially the part with Tango and Fei Long playing with nun-chucks.

This magazine (along with several other books) should someday be added to the Source, if I can manage to find the will power to update it again. It’s just that the page has gotten so…. long-winded, you know? It’s cumbersome and unwieldy. Maybe it should be broken up into multiple pages… but that would amount to even more work to do, so you know that’s not going to happen. Or at least, not in a timely fashion.

New Leader of the X-Hunters?

I want to share the background profile for X-Kai, TruForce Collectibles’ new “original” villain character. As listed on the box, courtesy Comic-Con attendees nice enough to upload images of their figures to YouTube and Instagram:


Leader of the X-Hunters.

Long ago when Dr. Wily stole Mega Man’s blueprint from Dr. Light, a prototype was built. However, with the development of Zero moving forward, this prototype was discarded and forgotten. During the formation of the X-Hunters, the robot was discovered and completed by a mysterious man. Unlike the original blueprint, it was given much higher specs than that of Mega Man X, using state-of-the-art technology.
(At this time, it is assumed there will be no armor evolution as seen in Mega Man X)

This concept came from the episode listed in MEGA MAN X OFFICIAL COMPLETE WORKS – There were originally four characters in the X-Hunters, however, one character had to be cut out due to ROM capacity.
It still amazes me that CAPCOM did not bring out a villain that looks exactly like Mega Man X. His armor crest has also been switched to Sigma.


You can find my usual analytical overindulgence in this concept below.

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The Lost Legacy

Tracking down the pieces that got left out, forgotten, changed or intentionally removed from the Mega Man Legacy Collection.

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