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Listing the Lav’s posts on the classic Rockman series.

Rockman Series Feature Articles
Blues Feature Articles
Duo Feature Articles
Mega Man Rush Marine
Rockman Children’s Book
Carddas Countdown Celebration
Dr. Right’s “Ask Me!”
Capcom Crossover Articles

Rockman Series Feature Articles

Reminiscin’ bout Rockman’s reference books – Looking at main character art and information from the Rockman & Rockman X Daizukan, one of Japan’s most influential Rockman encyclopedia books from the mid 90’s.

The Friday Special – One of the earliest guidebooks for a Rockman game, ever.

The Lost Episode of Rockman 6 – A mini-story taking place between Rockman 5 and Rockman 6, and the true story of Reggae’s creation.

Mega Man? – What happens to Rock when the other characters become the hero in Powered Up?

Beat It! – An article all about Rock’s birdie buddy, Beat.

Not your average Joes – The story of how Sniper Joes came about, and their connection to Blues.

It’s Quint’n Time! – The Rockman of the future?! That’s it, I Quint!

Free Quint Friday – A battle scene from Carddas.

The Next Mega Man Idol – Some background info on Battle & Chase, plus Roll’s singing debut!

On A Roll – More of Roll in her pop idol outfit.

The Race for Recognition – And in her racing outfit!

The Board That RockedRockboard, of course! That’s Paradise!

Maps – More Rockboard art, covering the stages themselves.

Iceman vies for the number one slot! – An overlooked pic of Iceman in the Cool Mobile.

Inafune Remembers Rockman – “Father of Rockman” Keiji Inafune recalls a thing or two about Rockman’s first 10 years.

Retro Origins – Retro gaming magazines unveil the truth behind the name change from “Rockman” to “Mega Man,” but have various troubles keeping their story straight.

Retro Designs – Admiring how Nintendo Power’s makeover of Rockman and Rush were based on official Capcom sources.

Revenge of the Press Release – Looking at magazine previews of Mega Man: Dr. Wily’s Revenge.

The Siberian Citadel — they don’t build ‘em like that anymore! – A real diorama featuring some of the earliest Rockman toys available!

Roll Home Run! – Rockman’s link to Japanese baseball.

Midsummer Greetings from the Capcom Sound Team – Showing Rock and Roll in traditional Japanese attire.

BANG! – Dr. Wily antagonizes Rock in this rare Capcom art piece commemorating Rockman The Power Battle.

Free-for-all Friday – Another fierce battle scene from Carddas featuring Rockman 1 enemies.

Mecha Dragon Tales – Rockman squares off with the ferocious Mecha Dragon!

The Trouble With Triplets – Dealing with one evil copy is bad enough–try dealing with three.

Duel Robot Masters – Rockman is locked in a battle to the death with Enker, the original Rockman Killer.

Free Chaser Friday – Rare art featuring Rockman using Earth’s Spark Chaser weapon.

Peace on Earth? Ill Will Between Robots! – It’s Rockman vs Earth! (The robot, not the planet.)

Some days aren’t yours at all. – Dr. Wily knows all about having bad days.

Art of RFWS?!Rockman and Forte for the Wonderswan: An obscure game with even more obscure artwork!

Megamix and Bondman – If you’re interested in Bondman, you should go here instead.

Mega Man 9 Puzzling Mystery Secret of Riddle – Can you believe we still don’t know what that thing was?

Trekkies have one… shouldn’t Mega Man? – Hitoshi Ariga says yes.

R3′s Alt Ad Art – Featuring an alternate version of the cover art of Rockman 3.


Blues Feature Articles

Posts centered around the character of Blues/Protoman, Rockman’s mysterious older brother.

Monday Blues – His past, his equipment, and his bad hair days – it’s all about Blues.

Break Man Begins – A look at Blues’ first appearances in Rockman 3.

More Monday Blues – How Blues’ allegiances were put to the test in Rockman 5.

The Mystery of Blues Continues – Yet another post examining Blues’ character.

Brother Against Brother? – Looking at Blues’ relationship to Rock, his role in Rockman 7 and the slight changes made in Mega Man 7.

Give a Little Whistle – Even more Blues examination and speculation.

Free Combo Friday
Brothers Stand Together – Carddas card images of Blues and Rockman teaming up to stomp out evil (or just to look cool).


Duo Feature Articles

Posts all about Duo, the enormous alien robot of ultimate justice.

He Came from Outer Space – The story of how Duo arrived on Earth.

Intergalactic Officer of the Law – Is Duo a member of an elite order, fighting for justice across the universe?

The Birth of Duo – The truth behind Duo’s design, and his original back story involving Dr. Cossack.

Big Duo, it is now SHOWTIME! – The story of Rockman 2: The Power Fighters reveals some interesting information about Duo.

Bedtime for Duo Week – A light-hearted look at how Dr. Light was able to repair Duo.

Ultimate Justice on Parallel Earths – How Capcom hyped Duo’s cross-over appearances in Rockman 8 and The Power Fighters.

Dynamic Duo – Ryuji Higurashi’s artistic take on Rockman and Duo’s team-up.


Mega Man Rush Marine

Lavatory posts about the cell phone game Mega Man: Rush Marine. You can also check out my transcript of the game’s text here.

The Bots Aquatic – A bestiary of aquatic enemies and bosses from the game.

Sealab 20XX – Tips on clearing the game and other miscellaneous things.


Rockman Children’s Book

A neat little Rockman cardboard book filled with original images. The Mega Man Network made their own scanlation of the book, too.

Rockman: Defeat Dr. Wily!! part 1 – The first 8 pages.

Rockman: Defeat Dr. Wily!! part 2 – And the last 8 pages.


Carddas Countdown Celebration

In honor of Rockman’s 23rd birthday, I scanned a bunch of classic Rockman Carddas cards as a mini-retrospective. You can see the whole countdown below.

Carddas Countdown Celebration: 10, 9… – Looking at Rockman’s friends and family…

Carddas Countdown Celebration: 8, 7… – …and some of his strongest enemies…

Carddas Countdown Celebration: 6, 5… – …his exploration of space…

Carddas Countdown Celebration: 4, 3… – …and his trademark weapons…

Carddas Countdown Celebration: 2, 1… – …his eternal struggle…

Carddas Countdown Celebration Complete!! – …and last but not least, a bunch of group shots bringing everyone together.


Dr. Right’s “Ask Me!”

Dr. Right’s question and answer column from Club Capcom magazine. Covers many classic Rockman questions, and also Street Fighter II, Strider and other Capcom franchises as well.

Dr. Right Explains It All – Dr. R answers questions about Eddie, musical naming conventions for Rockman characters, etc.

Dr. “I’m Always” Right Breaks It Down – Answering questions about the Rockbuster, Dr. Wily’s past, what kinds of foods Rockman likes to eat, etc.

Ask Me 3: The Final Lesson!? – Covering lots of robot master questions (can they talk? What happens when they’re defeated?), the story of Quint, why the Rockbuster can’t be used on both hands at once, etc.


Crossover Articles

Posts dealing with more than one Rockman series or mixed with other Capcom franchises.

What, another update?! – Rockman and Sakura make headlines in Raccoon City.

Friday Pile Up!! – Rockman mingles with other heroes from the Capcom World.

Free Harem Friday – Roll piles in for a group shot with Capcom’s other leading ladies.

Weekend Joyride – Roll and Iris take a summer road trip with some other Capcom Gals in this fan art piece.

Free Honey Fridays – What happens when Q-Bee and Roll clash? Cute happens.

Mecha On Parade – Rockman hops a ride on Kikaioh!

So February rolls around… – Sendable Rockman valentines!

Tatsunoko vs Capcom: Say what? – Roll says the darnedest things!

TvC Animation Storyboards – Roll wasn’t even supposed to be in the game’s animated intro, according to this…

TvC: CGoH Endings – Roll pops up in several of these endings.

Retro Jumble – Bits and pieces of Mega Man reviews from retro gaming magazines, constituting a total nostalgia trip.

Retro Ads – A loving look at Mega Man printed advertising from the 90’s.

I answer some questions – They come off as a bit random, but some of these Q’s have to do with classic Rockman.

A busy morning for Mega Man – My editorial on Keiji Inafune’s leaving of Capcom in 2010.

The Riddle of Dr. Wily – Dr. Wily makes an unusual appearance in the artwork of Capcom Adventure Quiz 2.

Marvelous!! – Rockman artwork done for MvC1 from the Marvel vs Capcom Secret File.


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