The Board That Rocked

Capcom’s first non-action video game starring Rockman came out in January of 1993. How do you sell a Rockman game that’s completely unlike a Rockman game? If you’re Capcom, you do it like this.

From the Rockman Big Reference Book:

A unique new game for the Famicom!
Wily & Right’s Rock Board
A board game that everyone can enjoy

Colorful characters collect funds to fulfill their dreams!!

Up to 4 players compete in this Sugoroku-type board game! They’ll encounter all sorts of events and many useful cards along the way!!
Spin the roulette to move your character across the spaces.

Rock: This time, I’ll be playing the Emcee. Is everyone ready to play? Gather your friends and get ready for some boisterous fun!!


Select your character from these 5 familiar faces!!

Each is aiming for a different goal, but the means are the same!! Amass money and construct buildings!!

“With my dream palace, I’ll become a real princess!!”
Kalinka Cossack
To become a princess, she wants to build a lovely castle.

“The whole world will be mine!!”
Albert W Wily
To achieve world domination, he’ll construct an evil laboratory.

“I’ve got to pursue my research!!”
Mikhail Cossack
To continue his experiments, he’ll create a new lab!!

“There may only be one of me, but I’ll help as many people as I can!!”
To help all the sick and injured people in the world, she’ll build a hospital!!

“I’ll work towards world peace!!”
Thomas Right
To achieve his goal of world peace, he’ll expand his facilities.


There’s still even more to see!! So many exciting events and cards to collect!!

Event Spaces
Stopping on certain spaces along the stage will uncover an event! It could be good, or it could be trouble!!

Energy Can
Pass this space to earn money.

For one revolution of the board, you’ll be changed into one of 3 boss characters.

Receive a card. There’ll be 3 mystery cards to choose from.

Amusement Park
Buy a ticket, and let the race begin!!

He’ll warp you to another place on the board.

Buy a lottery bag. Next thing you know, you may win big!

Will something happen here? You never know.

Under Construction
Too bad! Lose a turn.

Event Cards
Where events unfold from using a card! There are 6 different categories of cards, each card features a popular character. Use them wisely!

Rockman Card
This card is able to defend anyone from a harmful effect.

Blues Card
This card can defend you alone against a harmful effect.

Rush Card
A mobility card. There are two types, one for extra speed and one for going to a particular space.

Eddie Card
A card that gives you money. There are seven different types of prizes.

Boss Card
This card can attack another player. There are 13 different types, each with a different boss and attack. have fun discovering them all.

Finding this card means trouble!!
Reggae Card
A card that brings misfortune. 6 different disasters await!

Have you guys played Rockboard yet? It’s actually pretty fun. My good friend and benefactor Dr. Cossack has made this translation patch just for you. In the immortal words of the Shredder, “Go, play! Have fun.”

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  1. lamarfll's Gravatar lamarfll
    2011/02/14 Monday - 2:54 am | Permalink

    “To help all the sick and injured people in the world, she’ll build a hospital!!”

    hmm… In the Tatsunoko vs. Capcom manual it also states that “her dream is to one day open a hospital and help people.”

  2. RADIX's Gravatar RADIX
    2011/02/14 Monday - 12:08 pm | Permalink

    Nice. 🙂 Especially the card illustrations–we’ve got a clearer look at that unknown robot.

  3. 2011/02/14 Monday - 11:12 pm | Permalink

    Despite all the time I spent focused on that game, I hadn’t seen much of that artwork before. As RADIX says, it’s nice to see non-pixel illustrations for some of the game’s elements. I’m also noticing something odd: Dr. Cossack is smoking on the second page! I don’t remember seeing any other characters doing that in official art.

    Thanks for this rare look into a lost gem. 🙂

  4. Nona's Gravatar Nona
    2011/02/16 Wednesday - 3:38 pm | Permalink

    I remember seeing Light smoking twice, but I only remember one of them, his in-game cameo in Marvel vs. Capcom. I think the other was in a illustration. There is also those unused sprites of Heat Man in Power Fighters and the Reploid in the opening of X7 that had his cigar removed outside Japan. Also, the Reploids in Stonekong’s stage have smoking pipes.

    • ---'s Gravatar ---
      2013/03/20 Wednesday - 2:55 pm | Permalink

      Me too! I also remember seeing Light smoking on some unused artwork for a game…

      Can’t remember!

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