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Come on guys, no cheating!

Zero, You Dog!

Just another quickie from page 135 of EGM² issue #50 (August, 1998). Poor Rush, Zeroed again… But I wonder, are those combos any good? There’s no denying I was just plain terrible at MvC1. I might have won against other players a handful of times at the arcade (out of dozens of attempts). Before I […]

Lady Marmalade

There are good cops, and there are bad cops… and then there’s Denise.

The Fine Art of DASH2, Starring #20!

Included in the Rockman DASH 2 Final Digouter’s File is a chapter that’s entirely devoted to showing off design and concept art. Not content to simply display the art, they even got Tron and some of her Kobuns to introduce each piece and even provide some informative commentary! After all, who knows more about their […]

Thanks for the Tip

Time for another random slice of Retromags! We haven’t done this in a while. Today’s snippet comes from page 50 of EGM Issue #2 (June, 1989), back when they were the new kids on the magazine rack! And a bit green at that.

I want a foreign cellphone

Random thought: It’s a shame that Virtual Console re-releases of games don’t include some of the unique additions that their cellphone counterparts do. I know they’re supposed to be “unchanged” emulated versions or whatever, but I mean, how cool is stuff like that? Maybe they should add some cellphone virtual console support. I’m more for […]

Manic-Depressive Monday

Bad news kats and kittens, been too crazy busy to put together a post for today. Please enjoy this from MegaCats instead. We’ll make up for this lack of a proper Monday update later in the week.

Free Caskett Friday

Your free pic this week is from Tips & Tricks magazine’s May 1998 issue. What big eyes she has! They remind me a bit of Legends 3‘s style. This early illustration of Roll has most of the finer points down, but is still missing some little details, like on the belt and the shoes. The […]

Poll Results Are In

And the top three winners comprising over two thirds of the vote are: Legends, X, and Classic. Basically the three Mega Man series that already make up most of the Lav’s posts. Since Legends is the big winner, and since the Legends 3 Prototype Version is still coming up sometime in June, you can expect […]

Comic Cameos Continued

We’ve covered how Hideki Ishikawa’s original character W. Waltz has left her mark in various works, but what about some of the other characters? The politician/police chief character also made his own comic cameo in Hitoshi Ariga’s Rockman Megamix. Those of you who picked up Udon’s Mega Man Megamix 1 release might have noticed these […]