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A Most Irregular Manga

When most fans think of Rockman X manga, they think of Yoshihiro Iwamoto. And quite rightfully so, as his work is iconic and the way it established a clear separation of tone between the original Rockman and Rockman X was mind-blowing at the time. I want to write about those mangas in-depth someday, but today […]

Infinite Remix

As has occurred quinquennially since time immemorial (aka roughly every 5 years since the late nineties), Hitoshi Ariga is hard at work putting out yet another repackaging of his Rockman Megamix manga series. These latest versions of Megamix 1 and 2 and Gigamix 1 and 2 are already available in Japan, while Giga 3 is […]

Comic to Card: Ikehara x Adali

Back around 1996 when China ran out of Japanese Rockman Carddas cards to import, they decided to make some of their own. Collectible card kingpin Adali took images from Shigeto Ikehara’s popular Rockman mangas (most of which had been released in China already), colored them, slapped some holographic foil on there and ba-da-boom, you’ve got […]


To congratulate Miss Tron on her unexpected release on PSN, let’s take a quick peek through some of my favorite scenes from the Chinese Rockman DASH comic.

Have a Blast this New Years

To ring in the new year, here’s a little holiday manga from Koji Izuki. After what happened last Christmas, Wily plans a little thank-you of his own! Trans after the break!

Filler Fun

Today’s post is getting delayed until (much later) tonight. (Yay, my first setback!) So enjoy this short comic by Hitoshi Ariga instead.

Yusuke Murata’s Epic Rockman

Today’s offering comes from the recent Capcom Heroes 2012 calendar, art by Yusuke Murata. If you’ve perused near the end of the Mega Man Official Complete Works book, you may remember him as the guy who submitted the original Dust Man and Crystal Man designs as a kid, then grew up to become a successful […]

Coffee from Brazil?

You might say Hitoshi Ariga is a man who appreciates little cameos. His mangas tend to be full of them, the Rockman ones especially. It helps to keep an eye out, because you never know who might pop up in his works. Even Rock’s less famous older brother.

It’s A Mega Manga Christmas with Santa Rock

It is now Christmas. Please adjust your misfortune levels accordingly. This was part 3 of Koji Izuki’s Thank You Rockman mini-series that was published at the end of Rockman & Forte volume 2. By the way, this month Rockman Tanjou has begun uploading translated chapters from that manga. Might be fun to check that out […]

Happy Birthday Rockman …I guess

Rockman’s 24th birthday is here (not for very much longer now)… I tried to do like a big thing last year, but this time around I haven’t quite been able to find the motivation. But still, I should put something up, right? Here’s a special Rock & Rush 4 koma by Sakura from Rockman’s 10th […]