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A Day For Sigma

Last Saturday was the Day of Sigma (Japanese version), and once again I kind of forgot all about it. Oh well! I’m sure Sigma isn’t losing any sleep over it. He doesn’t care if some puny meatbag humans don’t remember what day it’s on… ….Um. I mean, he’d probably prefer we all go eat some […]

Not just another day.

6/9 is Rokku Day! And the day Rockman 2 happens. I wasn’t expecting too much this year, but we already had a TV show announcement this month and now there’s another game collection coming! Not bad. Now, let’s look at a 20 year old Carddass Card because that’s the kind of thing you came here […]

Comic to Card: Ikehara x Adali

Back around 1996 when China ran out of Japanese Rockman Carddas cards to import, they decided to make some of their own. Collectible card kingpin Adali took images from Shigeto Ikehara’s popular Rockman mangas (most of which had been released in China already), colored them, slapped some holographic foil on there and ba-da-boom, you’ve got […]

Pile Up Pipe Dreams

Hey, here’s a thing.


Punk, Rockman Killer No. 2, is one bad mutha. He has an interesting design that breaks the mold of your average Mega Man boss while also staying true to the series’ style. His unconventional construction has been one of designer Keiji Inafune’s personal favorites (which you can read about in Mega Man Official Complete Works […]


This week’s free pic, the faces of all 9 Rockman DASH series cards from All Capcom World ’98. In one big lump, because I’m too lazy to take each one out of the package and scan them individually. Do wish I’d straightened them out a bit more though. Behold, for your viewing pleasure: Interesting nomenclature […]

More X Carddas!

Some samples of what I hope to do at some point: get nice quality scans of all the Mega Mission cards to go with the translations. On the left, we have the Rockman X Mega Mission No. 01 holocard. On the right, Rockman X Jumbo Mega Mission I. Even though the Jumbo cards are much […]

X Pic Weekend Roundup

We’ve got all the pieces, now let’s put it all together!

Free X Pic Weekend part 4

Time for our last card of the set! Enjoy!

Free X Pic Weekend part 3

Time for another Rockman X pic to brighten up the weekend!