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Rockman Xover officially shut down on March 31, 2015.
This page remains open, for those who are curious.—

This is an X-Over discussion and Friend ID sharing page. My friend ID is:



When you start playing the game for the first time, below where you enter your character’s name there is another text box for putting in the friend ID of the person who recommended the game to you. The ID will score you and that friend a free rare Battle Memory, abbreviated “BM”. (Know that I am not discussing “bowel movements” when I use that phrase, despite the name of this blog.) Frankly, if you are just about to start XOver, you should use someone else’s code below from the comments instead. I’m pretty sure the benefit maxes out after 20 times, and I am past that mark.

Now, I have 8 pieces of advice for anyone just starting out:

1. Give yourself a head start. Use the game’s sign-in option to save your game file with a facebook, twitter, or mixi (Japan only) account, and then reinstall the game over and over to create 20 toss-away accounts using your initial friend ID as the referral code (second line down when you first enter your character name upon starting a new game). There’s pretty much no penalty for doing this, on the contrary it’s almost like the game almost penalizes you for not doing it. When you’ve made 20, reinstall once more and sign in with your face/twit/mix to get back that first account, now loaded with rare and special BM. ADENDUM: Apparently this may not work with Android phones if users cannot fully delete the data before reinstalling. In that case, try to find a buddy (or several) with an iPhone or iPad who don’t mind doing this for you. Be warned, it may take over an hour to repeat that many times if the connection speed is slow (so make sure it’s a very kind and patient friend).

2. ONLY upgrade SPECIAL class BM or ones that are SuperRare (5 stars) or above. Pretty much anything else is a waste of your resources when you get to the late part of the game. Upgrade BM using other BM with the same skill to raise its skill levels. For example, if you have the “Rock (Volnutt) & Roll (Caskett) Special BM with the skill “Attack Plus Alpha” (that the prize for reaching Level 20) and you find a “Sniper Joe” BM which also has the skill Attack Plus Alpha, use the Sniper Joe BM to upgrade the Rock & Roll BM so that its skill experience level will go up. Higher skills seem to have slightly better or longer effects. Always try to match skills when you can. Also, you may want to save BM with rare skills like Omegas or Betas or skills like “Shock” and “Slow”for later on, even if you don’t have a worthy BM to use it for yet. They are hard to come by. ADENDUM: When upgrading cards with high levels or skills, you will never get back out the same effort you put in. The highest level where this is possible is level 2. For example, when you add a level 1 skill card to another card of the same skill, you will get +3 skill points which takes you to skill level 2. Add that to any other card of the same skill and you will get +6. But any higher than that, and you won’t. A skill level 3 card which you had to sacrifice a total of 4 cards (+12) to gain that skill will only net +11 skill points if you try to use it instead of the +15 which it would have been if you’d added them all at level 1. The return is even less with sacrificing higher levels to upgrade with. This is also true with EXP. You can not add a level 15 card to a level one card and expect that level 1 card to jump to level 15–it will not. You will never get back what you put in. The only “safe” method if you want to reduce your total number of cards without losing potentially rare skill cards you’re trying to save is to add a level one and level one together. Always add the card with the lower number of stars (or if they are equal, the one with the lower cost) to the higher one.

3. Hold off on fighting bosses. When you first start out, don’t bother fighting bosses unless you’re really close to leveling up and you have EP (Energy Points) to waste. Not only do boss fights cost more EP, you will get less zenny for completing them than you would completing a regular stage. You will accelerate much faster in the game by skipping most boss battles and only playing the stages until you’re at least at level 10 (which can be done in a single afternoon if you follow this method). ADENDUM: For the first 48 hours after you create an account, you will now get double EXP in any stage you play. This will skyrocket your level building. In light of this change, I’d actually recommend you pick one or two stages in each world to play over and over, bosses and all. Preferably a glowing stage where an additional Zenny or EXP bonus is occurring, if there happens to be one. once you clear the areas and defeat the boss twice, the cost of playing the stage will go up. Try to manage your EP accordingly so when you play, you’re using as much EP as you can before you reach the next EXP level, at least up to level 16 or so. That way you’ll have a wide range of stages with different EP costs to use later on, when it gets harder to reach the next level up marker. (See #4 below for more info.)

4. Level up your EP. Every time your experience bar reaches the end, your EP bar refills and you get to select your bonus. Choose to add to your EP instead of your Cost (aka “CST”, which works the same way as your Max MB Memory did in the EXE series). Extending your EP will allow you to play longer and advance farther each time. Don’t bother extending your CST until you’ve beaten every level 1 and level 2 boss in the first 2 worlds, because honestly they can all be beaten with OVER-1 armor with just one upgraded SPECIAL BM and maybe a throw-away low-level white BM or two in the extra slots. Early bosses are easy, but the challenge spikes significantly later on.

5. Make friends. After clearing each stage the game will introduce 3 new players at the bottom of the screen who recently completed that stage. By pressing the button that looks like two crossed flags (BEFORE you press the button shaped like an arrow), you can invite all three of those players to be your friend. The Friend menu opens by pressing the button that looks like two arms shaking hands on the main menu. You can also accept friend requests from others there. Your list of friends opens after that. By pressing the button that looks like a thumbs up, you can get a 10 zenny bonus for every friend you have. You can have a maximum of 100 friends at a time, and you can thumbs-up each friend once a day, that makes a total of 1000 easy zenny to earn every day. But you can also delete friends off your list and add other friends whom you can then plus for even more zenny, so it is really only limited by how much effort you want to put into managing your friend list. One things is for sure though, keep on making friend requests after every stage when you start out, because the more friends you make right away the better off you are.

6. Use your PP for Team Battles whenever you can. Team Boss battles start at the beginning of the week (Monday in Japan, or Sunday morning in the US), when they assign new teams. Your team competes with another team to gather the most points. One of the teams must first find a Team Boss by playing stages (sometimes there isn’t a team boss available, so you need to play different stages to find one). Team Battles cost a full bar of PP, and PP takes about an hour and a half to recharge fully unless you pick up some of the PP refills from stages (they look like classic Rockman energy refill items). Clearing a team battle boss gets you a BM or two. At the end of the week, you will get a lot of BMs, whether your team wins or loses. Do this often, for it is the only thing you can use PP for, and the benefit is great. You can use the Skip function to instantly see the end result of the battle, but sometimes you might do better playing yourself than the computer controlled version does, and there’s a rumor going around that the BM you get for winning isn’t as good if you press the skip button. So, use it at your own discretion. ADENDUM: If you create a new account after the assigning for the week, you will need to wait until the next week to be assigned a team.

7. Sign in every day, save your E-CANs for weekends. Every day in a month that you sign in to the Rockman X Over server, you get a reward. Usually zenny, but sometimes an E-can or BM. On weekends (remember, this is Japan time so think 10am on Friday if you’re in the US) they have been randomly selecting 2-3 certain stages to have double or triple zenny or EXP rewards. Use your E-Cans on these days to play these stages over and over to boost your stats the fastest. Lately, they’ve also done some promotions during the week where the zenny cost of upgrading BM is halved, or the price for selling BM is doubled. Also good to look out for. ADENDUM: The game will now grant you several E-Cans as you upgrade levels 1-20. After you reach one of the milestones, a purple message will appear at the top window, awarding you money, BM cards, golden gacha tickets or yes, even E-Cans. You’ll also get a bunch of bonus items at the very beginning. I actually recommend sometimes using these E-cans while you
are still under the 48 hour marker and thus have double EXP, netting you more bang for your EP. Just don’t use an E-Can when you are close to leveling up, because a lot of that EP will probably go to waste. After that, triple zenny scores all the way.

8. RAGE QUIT! No, seriously. If you screw up a stage royally or lose to a boss, you don’t have to just accept the loss and wasted EP. If you press the i-phone’s square home button to exit the game BEFORE the “STAGE CLEAR” or the blue “Loading…” screen appears, you can re-enter the game without losing any of your hard-earned EP. So the instant you realize a boss is going to mash your taters, just exit out and re-enter the game to go and use that EP more productively by leveling up somewhere else. ADENDUM: They’ve upgraded this, so on IOS you will need to double click the home button to access your app list, hold your finger down on the Xover icon until it begins to shake, then close the program entirely with the red (-) in the upper left corner. Now open the game again and it should load starting out from the game’s home screen. I have no idea how this works with Android users, unfortunately.

That’s all I’ve got. If you have a good tip, feel free to add.

Now, go. Play.

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  1. Chadidas's Gravatar Chadidas
    2012/12/08 Saturday - 8:40 pm | Permalink

    PZ4S4Y34. Hope to see ya around!

  2. nonA's Gravatar nonA
    2012/12/08 Saturday - 10:42 pm | Permalink

    Although the core gameplay is… “simple”… I wish to give xover a try. Is there a way to upgrade an iOS 3.0 to a higher version? (And still got to open JP account later, as shown in PRC)

  3. azazino's Gravatar azazino
    2012/12/08 Saturday - 11:58 pm | Permalink



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    2012/12/16 Sunday - 1:30 pm | Permalink


    still play ^_^

  5. Tjthefox's Gravatar Tjthefox
    2012/12/17 Monday - 10:25 am | Permalink

    Can u tell me how to get the ID?
    I’m stumped
    Please email me at

  6. MKVarana's Gravatar MKVarana
    2013/01/30 Wednesday - 3:07 pm | Permalink

    I just got started, now that I learned the US version is not likely coming out.

    My ID is 4VHHG9J6

  7. taung's Gravatar taung
    2013/02/25 Monday - 5:51 am | Permalink

    Please add me “EVYYIKX3” I will add you all.

  8. Amieua's Gravatar Amieua
    2013/03/11 Monday - 9:32 am | Permalink


  9. Duffman's Gravatar Duffman
    2013/03/12 Tuesday - 6:50 pm | Permalink

    Re-installing the Android version doesn’t seem to work for your first trick, as even if you delete everything it still remembers your log in and automatically starts up with that. Currently trying to figure out if it leaves a file somewhere on the phone after you delete everything. Is it possible with the Android version it remembers your phone server side?

  10. Duffman's Gravatar Duffman
    2013/03/18 Monday - 10:02 pm | Permalink

    Still trying to figure out if there is a way to un-link the game from my Android, so far, no luck. Still not 100% on the game remembering my Android server side, but right now that’s the only thing that makes sense. Surprised they haven’t done the same thing with the iPhone.

    Well, for anyone just starting, since I can’t use the trick above, my Friend ID is;


  11. Milo's Gravatar Milo
    2013/03/24 Sunday - 4:23 pm | Permalink

    Hey #20, this article is awesome. There is nothing like it on the Internet, it’s so useful for learning some of the overlooked things about this game. On that note, I have a question. Since skill levels upgrade separately to a card’s level, can you still boost a skill after reaching the card’s maximum level? I want to know if I can max out my good cards without worrying about skill levels until later. Thanks.

    I used the referral trick, but until yesterday didn’t realise about clicking the purple links to get rewards. I feel dumb, but now I have all the awesome stuff, yay! Again the little tutorial was very helpful, thanks.

  12. PreddY's Gravatar PreddY
    2013/04/18 Thursday - 12:22 pm | Permalink

    Add me please, daily active player


    Also, i dont have Zero.exe yet 🙂

  13. PreddY's Gravatar PreddY
    2013/04/19 Friday - 2:48 pm | Permalink

    Does anybody know why doing referrals with trash IDs doesnt benefit my main ID? I get no notifications or rare BMs, no matter how many times I refer to my main… do I need to enter a certain menu or press a certain button before I get the referral boni?

    thanks in advance!

  14. PreddY's Gravatar PreddY
    2013/05/24 Friday - 3:53 pm | Permalink

    Does anyone know if that 20 daily list with rewards for logging into the game refills after all 20 are gone? I had a refill before but now it always says “Complete” with 6000 zenny and no chance for gacha tickets or BMs….


    • PreddY's Gravatar PreddY
      2013/05/31 Friday - 2:14 pm | Permalink

      Ok nevermind, new month, new 20 reward list 🙂

  15. Elpizo82's Gravatar Elpizo82
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    Here’s mine:



  16. Anonymous's Gravatar Anonymous
    2013/08/06 Tuesday - 5:43 am | Permalink

    Um.. Hello #20.. i was wondering if i could talk to you about something if you don’t mind but i don’t really know how to contact you so.. any ideas?

  17. KaizerDR's Gravatar KaizerDR
    2013/08/16 Friday - 3:50 am | Permalink

    Hey #20. I emailed you a bit ago…just a heads up-? Thanks for putting this out there to help us along.

    Also for anyone looking for an active daily player DTQDIXUH is my code. See ya out there.

  18. Chris's Gravatar Chris
    2013/12/11 Wednesday - 7:52 pm | Permalink

    I just start playing. Can i still get Over-R armor?

  19. 94636979's Gravatar 94636979
    2014/02/23 Sunday - 8:38 am | Permalink


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