About Me

Smarts and brains
#20 seeks wisdom
Look how hard he trains!

–from “The Misadventures of Tron Bonne”

I’m just a grown-up kid reminiscing about the days when getting to the next boss was all there was to worry about.

About This Site

“Laguz Island” in the Southern Ocean. Here is where the Reploid Research Lavatory is located. One day, the readings of Reploids had instantly vanished. A lot of Reploids were erased! What happened in this island…?

–from “Mega Man Xtreme 2”

Here in my secret hideaway is where I share my collection of Mega Man and discuss all the viddya game brouhaha. The Lav is the place to hang while we ditch class, so grab yourself a stall and watch out for hall monitors.

5 Comments to "About"

  1. 2010/09/29 Wednesday - 2:44 am | Permalink

    Goodness! It’s #20! Totally awesome to see you’re still alive and kicking–and with a pretty rad site, to boot. We ought to catch up, do lunch! Well, I can snail mail you a sandwich or something. Thanks for the translations and generally awesome website. Take care!

  2. 2011/05/30 Monday - 2:09 am | Permalink

    Hey Kobun-kun!
    You got a nice site here!
    I can imagine more kobun-kontent with the release of Legends 3. I miss the popularity of those yellow-headed bastards, as I’ve stocked up on a lot of their stuff, with only some of them in my collection.
    Well, hope to see you again man!

  3. Brokama's Gravatar Brokama
    2012/06/14 Thursday - 12:02 pm | Permalink

    Thanks for all the info here. I especially love all the art and tidbits about Legends/Dash. I’ve played through 1, 2 & Misadventures quite a few times because I am just infatuated with the world within them. Knowing about their background and all the things that could have been I feel a deeper connection to them now. It means a lot especially since the cancellation of MML3. So, from the bottom of my crusty digger heart, I thank you #20. Please keep up the great work into Megaman’s 25th anniversary and beyond.

  4. W's Gravatar W
    2022/01/06 Thursday - 4:44 am | Permalink

    I’m a ghost from Interordi.com. I stumbled across this page and smiled. I don’t even know if you’re affiliated with interordi.com, or if you were something else entirely – but it looks like you’ve been radio silent here since 2016. I just figured I’d ping you and let you know someone saw and appreciated it in 2022.

  5. 2023/08/29 Tuesday - 2:06 pm | Permalink

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