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Happy Memorial Day

The Next Mega Man Idol

Today, another excerpt from the CFC FB 3, page 4. Featuring some very rare artwork, and the “story” behind Roll’s secret karaoke ending.

Free Pic Friday!

I’m thinking I’ll try a Monday-Friday update schedule. On Fridays, I’ll post up some artwork scans from the CFC materials that don’t really require translations. Some are really cool, some not so much, but all of them are pretty rare. Apologies in advance for my scanner’s quality situation.

Art of RFWS?!

The Mega Man Network has mirrored some scans from 2chan showing off artwork for 2 characters from the Japan-only Bandai-prouced made-for-Wonderswan Rockman & Forte Mirai kara no Chousensha (or just RFWS for short). The artwork is pretty similar to the character image screens found in the games. It’s odd they didn’t include such art in […]

The Lost Episode of Rockman 6

For this Monday’s update, I decided to post a page from Club Capcom’s Spring 1993 issue. Club Capcom magazine is the predecessor of the CFC-Style Fan Book mini ‘zines that I pulled content from last week. This time, I’m translating a prologue teaser for Rockman 6 that also made a cryptic new announcement regarding the […]

What, another update?!

And it’s not even Monday! Another scan from the CFC-Style Fan Book Vol 2, page 13. It’s a little something that didn’t make it into the R20 or SF20 art compilation books.

Monday Blues

I think you know what I mean when I say, this spasmodic system of blogging I have going right now isn’t quite working out. Nothing for weeks, then a few posts, then nothing for months…. Yeah, bad idea. It’s too easy for me to just put it off or forget all about posting. So from […]

Trekkies have one… shouldn’t Mega Man?

The Mega Man Network has done some articles recently that show they aren’t afraid ask the tough questions and probe the deepest darkest secrets of the Mega Man franchise. This is mostly a response to this one in particular, which also did not escape the attention of manga artist Hitoshi Ariga. In 2008 he also […]

As Dr. Light would say…

“You haven’t done this in awhile!” Sorry about all the non-blogging. It is so easy to lose interest. Luckily, it’s also easy to have a sudden inspiration to do something. Life is funny like that.