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What-if Rockman Reboot, Plus Some Battle & Chase Love

If Capcom were to reboot classic Rockman, what kind of changes would we see? And if they were free to make any game they wanted, what would the Capcom devs themselves choose to make? This edition of The Answer holds the answers.

Iceman vies for the number one slot!

Your free pic this Friday comes from the Rockman Battle & Chase soundtrack booklet, featuring art of Iceman in his racing machine, the Cool Mobile. Note the differences in angle and pose from the “tugging on the glove” Iceman racer image used just about everywhere. This variation didn’t make it into the Mega Man Official […]

On A Roll

Hey guys! It’s Monday, and that usually means an update here at the Lav! BUT…. I started playing the new Donkey Kong Country this weekend… and haven’t stopped. I’ve barely paused to break for maintaining bodily functions. This game has stolen my soul and hijacked my life (and I’m lovin’ it)! I’m afraid I’m not […]

The Next Mega Man Idol

Today, another excerpt from the CFC FB 3, page 4. Featuring some very rare artwork, and the “story” behind Roll’s secret karaoke ending.