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A Day For Sigma

Last Saturday was the Day of Sigma (Japanese version), and once again I kind of forgot all about it. Oh well! I’m sure Sigma isn’t losing any sleep over it. He doesn’t care if some puny meatbag humans don’t remember what day it’s on… ….Um. I mean, he’d probably prefer we all go eat some […]

Fate of the Four Guardians

The Shitennou (the Japanese name for the Four Guardians of Master X) make up some of the most memorable new characters from the Zero series. Despite their being on opposing sides of a domestic war and harboring an intense rivalry with our protagonist Zero, somehow they were never quite our enemies. They sought peace while […]

Who is Soul Battler Takeshi?

If you picked up the Mega Man Battle Network Official Complete Works book, you may have noticed this guy hanging out at the bottom of page 112. If you don’t remember him from any of the games, there’s a good reason why!

I answer some questions

Hey guys. I know it’s Monday, but I don’t really have anything for you. Sorry, I’ve been kinda busy with other things. So instead, I think I’ll answer a few of the questions I’ve been getting lately.

A Little Something for Voully

For a certain old friend of mine that got in touch with me again recently, and is a huge fan of Mega Man Legends. Thumbing through the archives of u-Capcom (which I’ve been going over before the end-of-June close, just in case some content disappears), I found a random trivia bit that I wasn’t familiar […]

Bye Bye, u-Capcom

Might not matter too much to non-Japanese readers, but u-Capcom, Capcom Japan’s official fan site, will be closing up shop at the end of the month. I hope the site stays there and they just stop updating it, since it’s a gold mine for obscure Rockman knowledge. Among other draws, it was a place where […]