A Little Something for Voully

For a certain old friend of mine that got in touch with me again recently, and is a huge fan of Mega Man Legends.

Thumbing through the archives of u-Capcom (which I’ve been going over before the end-of-June close, just in case some content disappears), I found a random trivia bit that I wasn’t familiar with before, so I thought I’d share. Sorry if this is old news for some of you, but I think for those who don’t know, it’s worth retelling.

According to Masahiro Yasuma, a Capcom staff member with various involvements in DASH and EXE, several of the place names in Legends 1 are based off the surnames of DASH staff members. Tracking down the credits, I’ve put together this list:

  • The Cardon Forest, or “Kaadon no mori” カードンの森 in Japanese is most likely named after Kazunori Kadoi, game and engine designer and 3D model animator for DASH 1.
  • The Clozer Woods, or “Kuroosaa no mori” クローサーの森 is seemingly named after Shin Kurosawa, a scenario and event planner for DASH 1.
  • Lake Jynn or “Juuin-ko” ジュウイン湖 is based off DASH 1’s head programmer Masaru Ijuin (who is also the surname inspiration for Enzan/Chaud of EXE).
  • Last but not least, Masahiro Yasuma himself is the inspiration for the Yass Plains or “Yasu no sougen” ヤスの草原, as well as the famed “Yasmar Woods” sign that can be found via codes only.

There’s really all kinds of neat little easter eggs of information on u-Capcom, maybe I’ll make some more posts about them in the future.

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  1. voulnet's Gravatar voulnet
    2009/07/01 Wednesday - 2:09 pm | Permalink

    How nice of you to dedicate this post to me, Josh. I truly appreciate it!

    I'm definitely wishing to see more of those u-Capcom hidden treasures in the near future, if it is not a bother to you.

    Thank you very much and keep me posted about how well you are doing!

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