Mega Mission 3, Part 2

From Part 1.

I actually made quite a few errors in it, which I’ve since gone back and changed. I do occasionally go back and change things, correct mistakes or inaccuracies, clarify some confusing bits, et cetera, as I come across them. I don’t really announce it too often, so who knows, maybe something you’ve read before has already changed.

My little notes section has become more of a running commentary that’s sometimes far longer than the actual card translation itself. My bad! I couldn’t help myself, really. It just sorta happened that way. It’s my hope to impart useful and interesting supplemental information, and maybe even hype things up a bit to add to the atmosphere of the story. But it’s perfectly possible to just skip that section if I get too preachy on ya. It isn’t really necessary to get the gist of the story.

I’m happy that the project’s almost finished. I’m growing a bit restless from dealing with these cards for so long. My next project I have in mind will be a much needed break (and a lot shorter to boot). Look for it once Mega Mission is finalized and formatted.

Now, on with the show…

Card No. 96 Description (Back):
Title (Front): NAME: A-ARMARGE-HL

Remeet Repliroid

DATA: Armor Armarge’s body has been evolved by the Hyper Limited that clung to it. He transformed himself into Rot Armor in order to get close to X.

WEAPON: In addition to his body rolling attack, the crush shields equipped on both his arms have been reinforced for maximum offensive and defensiveness.

Title (Back):
Armor Armarge Hyper Limited
Notes: Armarge is looking pretty bulky, especially compared to his Masquerade form. He now resembles a prehistoric armadillo complete with spiky tail and hood-like shell. It’s funny how so many of these “evolutions” are really about reverting modern animals back to a much earlier lineage.
Card No. 97 Description (Back):
Title (Front): Mega Mission 3 Story 4

While Zero faced off with the countless swarms of Irregulars, X kicked off his own battle against the Hyper Limiteds. X evaded Armarge’s body rolling attack by keeping in his blind spot and returning fire. However, even X’s Electric Spark had no effect on the Hyper Limited Armarge.

Rockman X vs A-Armarge-HL
Title (Back):
Rockman X vs Armor Armarge Hyper Limited
Notes: Once again X has his past special weapons, no word on whether this is due to the presence of a Limited Field, although it is likely. Grappling with X in the picture, we can see how much larger Armarge has seemingly become. We’ve also learned that Hyper Limited’s evolution has become so powerful that even special weapons which were once the Remeet Repliroid’s weakness may barely cause a scratch to them now. And X will have to fight four of them at once? Not good…
Card No. 98 Description (Back):
Title (Front): NAME: L-OCTOPULD-HL

Remeet Repliroid

DATA: Octopuld revived via fusion with Hyper Limited. Blau Launcher’s true form, and a maestro of underwater warfare.

WEAPON: Fires an enhanced Homing Torpedo, and wields his lance, the Octrident!!

Title (Back):
Launcher Octopuld Hyper Limited
Notes: Octopuld HL is looking like a very gruff sea lord Poseidon, with his trident and all. His face even resembles a beard to me, somehow.
Card No. 99 Description (Back):
Title (Front): Mega Mission 3 Story 5

While Armarge was bearing down on X, Octopuld lay in with a missile attack. X was able to intercept the missiles with Homing Torpedo, but Octopuld had maneuvered his body directly above X, ready to strike! Encircled by his 8 limbs, had Octopuld had left X nowhere to run?!

Rockman X vs L-Octopuld-HL
Title (Back):
Rockman X vs Launcher Octopuld Hyper Limited
Notes: X fights fire with fire, or in this case, Homing Torpedo with Homing Torpedo. Rolling Shield would have been more traditional, or maybe even Boomerang Cutter, but I won’t argue with the man.
Card No. 100 Description (Back):

Remeet Repliroid

DATA: Mothmeanos revived through fusion with Hyper Limited. Like a bagworm dropped out of hiding, Grün Metamo’s true form has emerged!!

WEAPON: He can fire a powerful beam from his palms, or conduct a deadly strike with his Moth Sabre!!

Title (Back):
Metamor Mothmeanos Hyper Limited
Notes: Card 100! Woo, triple digits! Did you know that bagworms are a member of the same family of insects as butterflies and moths? I didn’t, until I translated this card!
Card No. 101 Description (Back):
Title (Front): Mega Mission 3 Story 6

“Prepare yourself, X! For today is the day of your death!”
Mothmeanos swooped down upon X, carrying him high into the sky! X was able to escape the main attack with Rushing Burner, but was then struck by a beam fired from Mothmeanos’ palm. Using one hand then the other, Mothmeanos fired again and again! Does X have any chance at victory?!

Rockman X vs M-Mothmeanos-HL
Title (Back):
Rockman X vs Metamor Mothmeanos Hyper Limited
Notes: Facing attacks from every direction, X is starting to feel very overwhelmed. The increased power of Limited was bad enough, but with their added weakness immunities, it’s gone from drudgingly difficult to nightmarishly impossible!
Card No. 102 Description (Back):

Remeet Repliroid

DATA: The “Rescue Power Plant” has been infused with Limited. Shedding his kind heart, Braun Eleci transformed and set his sights on X.

WEAPON: Manipulating a tremendous amount of electricity, he can generate a completely flawless electric shield!!

Title (Back):
Electro Namazuros Hyper Limited
Notes: That’s one whopper of a catfish. The “Rescue Power Plant” is Namazuros’ nickname from X3.
Card No. 103 Description (Back):
Title (Front): Mega Mission 3 Story 7

Squeezing every ounce of his willpower, X continued to fight as Namazuros’ massive body drew near. Even Tornado Fang was powerless against Namazuros’ perfected electric shield. Meanwhile, Zero had finished vanquishing the hordes of Irregulars, and was hurrying back to assist. But even so, can they hope to win when it’s two against four?

Rockman X vs E-Namazuros-HL
Title (Back):
Rockman X vs Electro Namazuros Hyper Limited
Notes: The Hyper Limiteds have each taken their turn abusing X and showing off their incredible power. Zero cleared out that army of Irregulars so fast that even Rambo would be put to shame, but he has yet to face the indomitable powers of Hyper Limited. Can teamwork prevail where alone X could not?
Card No. 104 Description (Back):
Title (Front): Mega Mission 3 Story 8

Zero had torn through the mechaniloids easily. Yet despite combining his powers with X, trying to defeat Limited’s strongest evolution Hyper Limited was proving exceedingly difficult. X and Zero were being gradually worn down! Are even their Special A class skills no match for Hyper Limited?

Rockman X & ZERO
Title (Back):
A Losing Battle! X and Zero
Notes: X and Zero are looking tired yet determined on the front of this card. Despite their legendary power, they are outnumbered and outclassed by the latest advancement of Limited. At this rate, our heroes will fall and Limited will finally have achieved its dark victory over the Earth. If only X had some kind of power up parts to even the playing field a bit…
Card No. 105 Description (Back):
Title (Front): NAME: RETURN X

Remeet Repliroid

DATA: Previously, iX had been beaten by X. Driven by his intense determination, “I will defeat X,” he resurrected himself and tenaciously clung to his mission!! “As long as my core survives, I will always come back.”

WEAPON: The buster initially created from an exhaustive analysis of X has amassed even greater power, becoming the Return iX Buster!!

Return X
Title (Back):
Return iX
Notes: The ultimate soldier iX is back, baby! And he’s looking creepier than ever. Return iX, RX, R-ikusu, Return X, whatever you’d like to call him, was able to revive himself after his initial defeat thanks to a surviving cell. At last he’s succeeded in tracking X down, and even amidst this carnage, he’s going to make his presence felt. With yet another enemy to tackle, does this arrival mark the final death knell of X and Zero?
Card No. 106 Description (Back):
Title (Front): Mega Mission 3 Story 9

In the midst of X and Zero’s grueling battle appeared the regenerated form of iX, calling himself Return iX. RX struck out at the Hyper Limiteds, demonstrating how far his power had progressed!! As RX cut down the Hyper Limiteds one after another and forced their retreat, it seemed this former dangerous adversary had become a powerful ally, right before X’s very eyes! But, why…?

Return X vs Hyper Limited
Title (Back):
Return iX vs Hyper Limited Quartet
Notes: Shocking everyone, instead of moving in to finish X off, RX tears into the Hyper Limiteds instead! The card front shows RX literally karate chopping into what looks like Armarge HL, with pieces of the other 3 strewn around along with him. But hey, aren’t these Limited guys all supposed to be on the same team? What’s going on?!
Card No. 107 Description (Back):
Title (Front): Mega Mission 3 Story 10

“The only one to defeat you, will be me!”
“You’re iX! So, you survived?”
Face to face with someone he thought he had defeated long ago, and moreover confounded that this someone would help him in this time of crisis , X was doubly struck with an astonishment he could barely conceal!
“I will always come back… in order to defeat you!” With that, the fated battle began!

Rockman X vs Return X
Title (Back):
Rockman X vs Return iX
Notes: Showing himself to be anything but X’s savior, iX reveals his hatred to his rival. In mowing down the Hyper Limiteds, he was merely clearing a path to his true enemy. And judging by the ease to which he dispatched the Hyper Limiteds, his own power has vastly improved. It seems X has once again leaped out of the frying pan, and into the fire! Will the fury of RX prove far worse than anything the 4 Hyper Limiteds had in store? The answers, coming up!

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