The Fine Art of DASH2, Starring #20!

Included in the Rockman DASH 2 Final Digouter’s File is a chapter that’s entirely devoted to showing off design and concept art. Not content to simply display the art, they even got Tron and some of her Kobuns to introduce each piece and even provide some informative commentary! After all, who knows more about their game than them?

Chapter 5
Tron & The Kobun’s Special Creation Material Collection

Here you’ll find many concept pieces done by the developers while they were working on DASH 2, joyously presented by Tron and her Kobuns! You may not want to read any further until after you’ve completed the game.

Revealed for the First Time Ever
Image Board Gallery

“Kobun #20, at your service!”

We’ve managed to get our hands on several portraits of Rock and his friends! I bet Miss Tron’s face will light up when she sees all these. She might even give us a reward!

“Mister Rock standing in a snowy field”

It sure seems cold there, doesn’t it! Mister Rock’s expression is so serious-looking. What do you think of it, Miss Tron?

From the looks of it, I’d say that’s the Forbidden Island. That girl, Roll or whatever her name is, probably forced him go there and then got him completely lost.

Certainly, that must be it! Poor Mister Rock. I guess it can’t be helped. He really ought to join up with us, shouldn’t he!

“A very very cold-looking thing of ice”

What in the world is that thing? Could that possibly be the place those strange Ancients were sleeping?

I have absolutely no idea. But, I can say that I never want to sleep in a bed that cold, Miss Tron!

“Mister Rock from behind, looking totally cool”

What an amazing sunset. That view is just so romantic! Perhaps sometime Rock and I will…

Miss Tron, is something the matter? I thought I heard you say something about Rock just now…

It, it was none of your business! I wasn’t saying anything about Rock, since I couldn’t care less about what he does!

“Today’s weather forecast, a massive storm”

Incredible! I’ve never seen a huge maelstrom like this before, Miss Tron!

Yes, yes. But that vortex appears to be preventing anyone from entering that area. I wonder why?

“There were horns sticking out from the ice!”

There’s s-something strange, Miss Tron! Horns! Horns started coming popping up from that thing made of ice! You don’t think it could be alive, do you?

Not at all. Take a closer look at it, there’s clearly the form of a person suspended inside. It’s probably an Ancient. It must be time to wake up!

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“Mister Rock approaches a big rock”

Of course! That long-forgotten object must be what that Ancient was locked up in! But what was it that caused the seal to be released, I wonder?

As a matter of fact, it seems that may have been from when Mister Rock removed a very large Deflector from there. He’s just like us sky pirates, isn’t he!

It gives me a baaad feeling… But, I guess it’s nothing! After all, it’s only thanks to that that we got a clue about the finding the Great Legacy.

“The pretty lady is sleeping!”

Looks like another one showing the Ancient lady asleep! Now that’s the kind of bed I’d like to have, Miss Tron!

That’s not a bed, that’s a drop ship. It’s something you ride in! Although, with a little work, it might not make for too bad of a torture device…

T-t-torture device? Miss Tron, w-what are you thinking about? Um, I don’t think I want one of those anymore, please forgive me for my selfishness!

“Mister Rock and the pretty lady: Is it love at first sight!?

Just as I expected, it’s what that Ancient was sleeping inside. Rock certainly seems to be excited to have discovered such a find!

That Ancient lady is really pretty isn’t she! That’s probably why Rock is staring at her like that, don’t you think? Uh-oh Miss Tron, looks like she’s going to give you a run for your money!


I can’t believe this! Well, I never! And just who came up with all those awful titles for these pictures, anyway?

W,well… Um, I think they came named like that.

Actually, #20 titled them all.

Poor #20. Do you think she bought it? Or is it back to the torture room for you?

This book may have been the first time many of those pictures were published in Japan, but nowadays a lot of them can be easily found on the internet. Still, the art is fantastic and the commentary absolutely priceless!

The next few pages go into character designs and backgrounds. Look forward to seeing them another time!

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    Nice to see these again. 🙂 (Didn’t know that this was how they were presented)

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    “DASH 2 Final Digouter’s File” must be a fine book, indeed.

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    Great commentary there…and from the look of it, they’ve continued having Tron and the servbots narrate through the Legends 3 rocket page. It’s good to know they’re keeping some consistency there even after ten years!

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