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Higurashi Brings the Classics Back

As I and the rest of the internet have been falling in love with Ryuji Higurashi’s comics-inspired, nostalgia-inducing Rockman Classics Collection cover art, I was reminded of another piece of his that appeared in one of Capcom’s official artbooks early this year. Higurashi was already a huge fan of Rockman even before starting at Capcom […]

Dr. Right Takes Over the World

R20+5 contains amongst its bounty some Rockman 9 early storyboard concepts for the opening demo scene that show off some of the unused ideas of the Inti Creates development team, along with the unused robot masters and the original subtitle for the game.

Mega Man 9 Puzzling Mystery Secret of Riddle

Halfway to being discovered? I know June 17 isn’t really halfway to December 17, but I still have a feeling the secret is somehow related to Mega Man’s birthday, even though nobody seemed to catch it in ’08. I wonder what glories shall be heaped upon the victorious seeker… Probably more fun in my imagination […]