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Beat It!

Hey, February is National Bird-Feeding Month! I’m taking advantage by spotlighting Rockman’s winged sidekick. Get ready for a Beat-down! (And probably more than a few puns like that one.)

Brothers Stand Together

I just realized I haven’t done anything with Blues for a while. Let’s do something about that! From Carddas’ third classic Rockman card set comes… Rockman & Blues HP 2500 85. To defeat their true enemy, they’re putting all their power into one attack, and they won’t miss!! I really like how you can see […]

More Monday Blues

Following his starring role in Rockman 3, Blues played a smaller but important part in Rockman 4, saving Kalinka Cossack from Dr. Wily’s clutches and allowing for Dr. Cossack to clear his name. But this good deed would not go unpunished, as Blues himself would now be brought to the forefront of Dr. Wily’s ire […]