The Manga of Rockman Perfect Memories, part 1

I hereby declare this week Rockman Manga Week at the Lav! I’ll post up a new scan and translation (but not scanlation) every day until Friday.

We’ll start off with the one-page comics that appeared in the book Rockman Perfect Memories. They are the work of female yonkoma manga artist Yuutarou Kawamoto, who is perhaps more famous for her work with other franchises like Dragon Quest and Ragnarok Online. This first manga appeared on page 40 and is about the original Rockman series. Take a look!

Who says a robot can’t also be a publicity tool
Yuutarou Kawamoto


Roll: Hey Rock, why do you suppose the Wily Machines always seem to have a stronger mode that only appears after they get damaged?

Rock: Hmm, maybe he designs the armor to break on purpose so that his face will show?

Roll: I bet he does, that big show-off!

Wily: Hmph… Listen to them just chattering away…

Wily: Forte!! Go and show them our power is nothing to snicker about!!

Forte: …..

Wily: !!! Wait, are you doubting me as well, you traitor?!

Forte: Well, why DO you always hold back with some ridiculous final form?

Wily: FOOL!! The best robots always have a transformation sequence!! Once they change form, all the kids go “WOW!!! Wily robots are the coolest!” Don’t you know, that’s how you win over their hearts! It’s a shortcut to world domination!!!

Roll: See? Just like I said, a total show-off…..

Wily: Drat!! We’ve been discovered somehow!?

Roll: Yeah, cos you were screaming super loud…..

Wily: It’s our only chance!! You must strike now, Forte!!

Wily: Make sure that your fighting moves look way cooler than Rockman’s!!
Oh, and try to win too, if you can.

Rock: Is Dr. Wily really trying to take over the world….. like that?

Forte: Don’t ask me.

Coming up next: Rockman X!

5 Comments to "The Manga of Rockman Perfect Memories, part 1"

  1. RADIX's Gravatar RADIX
    2011/04/11 Monday - 5:43 pm | Permalink

    Nice to see this comic again (and know what’s going on in it). 🙂 ~RADIX

  2. 2011/04/11 Monday - 10:33 pm | Permalink

    So Dr. Wily wants to look cool as a way to take over the world? Maybe I should consider taking up singing, then!

  3. Ampersand's Gravatar Ampersand
    2011/04/12 Tuesday - 12:33 am | Permalink

    Well, he certainly succeeded in getting people to think Wily robots are the coolest with Zero… Didn’t really help him take over the world, though.

  4. Flame's Gravatar Flame
    2011/04/13 Wednesday - 2:07 am | Permalink

    Forte’s face in the 3rd panel as he stares at Wily made my day. It’s priceless.

  5. nonA's Gravatar nonA
    2011/04/14 Thursday - 12:00 pm | Permalink

    Agree. XD Thanks for the translation #20!

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