Monthly Archives: June, 2010

This was Rockman X!

Last week we looked at some previews of the X series from US gaming magazines. But what about from Japan?

Free Honey Fridays!

Here’s a little summer flavored Roll comic from Hideki Ishikawa called “Get Back Here!” From CFC Style Fan Book volume 3, & co-starring Darkstalkers’ own Q-Bee. You hardly need the dialog to understand the comic, but here it is anyway: Panel 1 “Tsutaetai, kono omoi…” (Roll is singing her theme song) Panel 2 QBee is […]

Retro Jumble

A random collection of retro oddities and mega curiosities.

Retro Designs

A little blurb about Nintendo Power’s Mega Man 3 coverage.

Retro Origins

This time, we’re looking at the story behind the Mega Man story.

Retro X

This time, we’re looking at previews of the X series.

Retro Ads

A long look at Mega Man advertising below.

Retromags Week

I’m going to try something a little different this week.

Happy Fathers Day

Might not be able to post tomorrow…

So here’s your free pic friday advance. In honor of the Mega Man Legends board finally returning to Capcom’s forums after many years of absence, here’s some DASH for ya!