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Welcome, Capcom-ites!

During the early PS2 era, Capcom would have a bi-weekly (or so) one-page feature in Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu Playstation with this header image. Sometimes the background color would change, but the picture would remain the same. The art features famous faces from many late ’90s Capcom franchises, including many characters from the Rockman series […]

Retro Six

It’s been a long time since we’ve had a Retromags post, so today for your viewing pleasure let’s all gawk at old gaming mag pages from some recently archived Electronic Gaming Monthly issues.

25 Years, Still Uncharted

Here’s something I’d been searching for for quite a while. This page from Japanese gaming magazine Marukatsu Famicom‘s coverage of Rockman 3 sheds a little more light on something I have long been musing about regarding Rockman published art. Translation and analysis beyond.


Punk, Rockman Killer No. 2, is one bad mutha. He has an interesting design that breaks the mold of your average Mega Man boss while also staying true to the series’ style. His unconventional construction has been one of designer Keiji Inafune’s personal favorites (which you can read about in Mega Man Official Complete Works […]


Here’s a random bit of the past for the TRUE FAN: an ad for the Nubytech MMX controller that ran in magazines and even the GCN Mega Man X Collection booklet.

Zero, You Dog!

Just another quickie from page 135 of EGM² issue #50 (August, 1998). Poor Rush, Zeroed again… But I wonder, are those combos any good? There’s no denying I was just plain terrible at MvC1. I might have won against other players a handful of times at the arcade (out of dozens of attempts). Before I […]

Thanks for the Tip

Time for another random slice of Retromags! We haven’t done this in a while. Today’s snippet comes from page 50 of EGM Issue #2 (June, 1989), back when they were the new kids on the magazine rack! And a bit green at that.

It’s Quint’n Time!

The “Spring forward” of daylight savings left me a bit jet-lagged yesterday. Our annual one-hour leap into the future inspired me to take a look at another time-displaced character. You know him, you’re confused by him (and he’s just as confused himself): It’s Quint! Quint HP 500 81. The Rockman of the future, remodeled by […]

Break Man Begins

Just as Blues himself is always one step ahead, Blues week is getting an early start.

Revenge of the Press Release

Time for another Retromags adventure! This episode? Mega Man in Dr. Wily’s Revenge! The first game boy Mega Man title, suffered surprisingly little control and graphical disfigurement on the handheld. Anticipation for the title was high, and game publications were making various promises about the upcoming game. But how much of it held up?