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Sketch to Screen – Death of A Player

Today we’ll be comparing the rough drafts of Zero’s Rockman X5 ending scenes with how they appeared in the final game. We will be looking at sketches published in the Rockman X5 Official Guide Book and R20+5 Rockman & Rockman X Official Complete Works. The screenshots are taken from Sprites, Inc. Some of these image […]

Hello Dolly

Arguably the most talked-about toy in the Rockman mythos is Alouette’s white cat plushie. A heartfelt gift from the human Ciel to a scared repliroid child, it represents the feelings of kindness, empathy, and hope for human/robot relations that Zero must protect. That moment in the first game when the Resistance base is invaded and […]

Fate of the Four Guardians

The Shitennou (the Japanese name for the Four Guardians of Master X) make up some of the most memorable new characters from the Zero series. Despite their being on opposing sides of a domestic war and harboring an intense rivalry with our protagonist Zero, somehow they were never quite our enemies. They sought peace while […]

Toru Nakayama’s Women of Rockman

Like the Heroes calendar, Capcom’s 2012 Girls Calendar featured its own Rockman panorama, this one by famed Rockman Zero series artist Toru Nakayama. Taking up the highly contended for New Years/Valentine’s Day position, no less! Not quite as comprehensive as the boys’ side. This one has representations from more of the different subgroups of Rockman, […]


Here’s a random bit of the past for the TRUE FAN: an ad for the Nubytech MMX controller that ran in magazines and even the GCN Mega Man X Collection booklet.

The Sword and the Shield

I’m still kind of riding high on the Marvel vs Capcom 3 experience. Not near as much as I was into Tatsunoko vs Capcom last year, but that’s probably a good thing considering how debilitating that game became for me. Anyway, this will probably seem elementary to some of you, but perhaps there’s a few […]

Zero: Drawn to Battle

So, any of you guys excited about Marvel vs Capcom 3? I’ve never been huge into fighting games, but I really got into Tatsunoko vs Capcom last year, and now I’m totally looking forward to kicking some butt with Zero and Tron. Apparently their character endings have already hit the net, so those looking for […]