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Listing the Lav’s posts dealing with the Rockman DASH series.
Turns out there’s quite a few.

Rockman DASH Feature Articles
Extra Servbots!
Other Legendary Stuff

Rockman DASH Feature Articles

General posts which focused on the Rockman DASH series.

Prelude to Adventure – General setting information on the series, and some differences in terms between the U.S. and Japan.

Developer’s Adventure Story in Halcyon days – Part one of the CFC’s official introduction to Rockman DASH.

Dr. Data’s DASH Dissertation – Discussing the digouters, decoys, and other designs under development, plus we delve into DASH’s place in the overall timeline.

Know Your Hero: MegaMan Volnutt – Concept art and background information on the series’ protagonist.

Building a Mega Man – Delving into the mysteries behind Volnutt’s armor and body structure.

Know Your Heroine: Roll Caskett – Get to know the girl behind the hat.

More Fun Than A Monkey of Barrel’s – Professor Barrel and Data get their time to shine.

What kind of girl is Tron Bonne? – Moving on the the Bonnes, Tron gets her turn.

A T. Bonne to Pick – Info about Teisel, leader of the Bonne family.

Baby Big Brother – Focusing on Bon, the youngest Bonne sibling.

Servbots!! – The little darlings who make larceny and mayhem even more fun than they already are.

Hey do you know Juno? – All about the boss of the first game, Rockman Juno.

Glyde’s Favorite Subject: Glyde! – Perusing Glyde’s profile from Tron ni Kobun days.

Lady Marmalade – Collecting Denise’s profile info and concept art from Tron ni Kobun.

Helloooooo Nurse! – A look at one of the charming characters whose role was cut from the series.

Legendary Artillery – Another character whose role was cut out, this time about a boy who was almost destined for greatness.

He’s a Bad, Bad Rockman – More unused characters, this time looking at some of the villains and early character interrelations.

We Are Rockman – Looking at more unused characters, but from DASH 2 this time. This is also the name of the song used in the Japanese Rockman’s Soccer TV commercial, but that has nothing to do with this post.

Worlds of Possibility – Unused setting images and info, coming together to create the world of DASH.

The Great Adventure Guide, Uncovered – Sometimes things get weird when you remove a book’s cover.

Mysteries Unfold – An interlude to bridge DASH 1 and 2.

A Day in the Life of a Servbot – Ever wonder what it would be like to be a Kobun? Wonder no more!

Another Day in the Life of a Servbot – They’re at it again, this time teaching valuable life lessons about the vices of gambling.

Fun with #41 – The secret to unlocking the long lost servbot #41 in The Misadventures of Tron Bonne.

Free Tron Baby Pictures Friday – Aww, lookit how cute she is!

Dining A La Bonne – Tired of fast food? Then you haven’t tried La Bone!

Roll-play: Caskett Style – Roll shows off her fashion sense in this rare CFC art piece.

Seasonal Fashion with Tron Bonne – Not to be outdone, Tron whips out her own designer catalog.

A Little Something for Voully – Tracking down a little bit of trivia for DASH 1.

Free Caskett Friday – Another concept Roll image, this time an early sketch that appeared in US magazines.

Might not be able to post tomorrow… – A rare picture evidencing Teisel’s bravado as a master strategist.

Carddas Loves Tron Bonne – But of course, why wouldn’t they?!

CardDASH – More Carddas cards featuring Legends series characters.

Free DASH Pic Weekend part 1
Free DASH Pic Weekend part 2
Free DASH Pic Weekend part 3
Free DASH Pic Weekend part 4 – Chapter break pictures from a Rockman DASH guidebook that tell their own little story.

Newest Legends Character: Lilly? – Actually, she’s Aero now. (Not Sephira, either.)

Three Things to Look for In DASH 3 – Clues from the past; will they be our future?

The Lost City of Women – The mystery behind the legendary screen shot on the back of the MegaMan Legends 2 case is finally solved!

DASH2′s Leading Ladies Go Undercover – The Final Digouter’s File shows off some concept sketch work.

The Fine Art of DASH2, Starring #20! – Not me, but the actual character.

Words fail me. – They canceled Legends 3. Why would they do that?!

Happy and sad, but mostly glad – After what happened to Legends 3, I was pretty surprised to see Aero concept art make it into R20+5.

Misadventuring – Showing off some of my favorite scenes from the Chinese Rockman DASH manga by Hip Yee.

Food for the troops! – Servbots serving up some depression-healing soul food.

Meet the Casketts! – Getting to know them, getting to know all about them.


Extra Servbots!

Kobuns are masters of the art of the cameo, so here’s some extra stuff that has more to do with them than the DASH series in general.

I couldn’t stop smiling. – Kobun cosplay should be everywhere.

Cuteness. – I never did get me one of these.

Servbots South of the Border – An art piece that I liked.

When it rains… – I admire a servbot papercraft that I failed horribly at doing myself.

A servbot’s gotta do what a servbot’s gotta do – A motto to live by.

I like big Servbots and I cannot lie… – Kobuns debug their own game.


Other Legendary Stuff

Additional DASH-related cameos and things.

Toru Nakayama’s Women of Rockman – Featuring stylish artwork of popular female characters from the Legends franchise, including Legends 3’s lost heroine Aero.

Free Meal FridayLegends characters sit down for a bite to eat with some of Capcom’s many other heroes.

The Power of Love – One Capcom artist expresses his love for Tron, and some other leading ladies.

To Better Days – Data hangs out with Cammy, back in the good ol’ days.

Mecha On Parade – Can’t have a mecha exhibition without Servbots, now can ya?

EXE Turns Ten! – After DASH 2, many of the team members went on to work on the EXE series, taking a lot of their ideas with them. That’s why Data makes a special guest appearance in this post!

DASH, Don’t Rush – A little more about EXE‘s Rush being a former DASH character.


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    Hi #20, do you accept translation requests? If yes, please can you translate what the DASH Daibouken Guide book says in pages 72-79 about the main transports, KTOX TV in page 88 and Wily’s boat near the end? ^_^’

    And out of curiosity, does the DASH 2 Final Digouter’s File say anything important or worth noting about Sera, Yuna, the servitor units, the Sulphur-Bottom, Calinca train, Elysium/Heaven and the master system not shown in the game and manuals?

    • Allison's Gravatar Allison
      2012/11/04 Sunday - 11:12 pm | Permalink

      I think he can, but I don’t know if he take it or not…I don’t know. 😛

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    Two of the Servbot images were not archived 🙁

    Do you #20 (or someone else) have these images?

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    Link for Worlds of Possibility links to the DASH category instead of the article.

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