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The “Death” and Return of Zero (X1-X2)

Today, we’ve got another story digest for you! This time from the Rockman X Ultra Encyclopedia, the sequel volume to the Rockman & Rockman X Big Encyclopedia of Secrets, where we pulled yesterday’s Rockman X Confidential Chronicles from. It roughly picks up where that one left off, and also features a rarely seen uncolored art […]

Rockman X Confidential

This Memorial Day, we’ll be honoring the noble sacrifice of one of history’s finest Maverick Hunters with this story digest of X and Zero’s early exploits. From the Rockman & Rockman X Big Encyclopedia of Secrets, we now present to you: The Rockman X [CONFIDENTIAL] Chronicles.

I like big Servbots and I cannot lie…

Free pic this week: Archive image of some Servbots hard at work in the devroom, from way back in 1999! Don’t cry, little guy. We promise that starting the mission doesn’t hurt (too much).


You’ve watched them rise. Now watch them fall! The chilling conclusion to Rock’N Game Boy‘s adventures in Rockman World.

Legendary Artillery

Over and over on the Legends 3 Devroom boards, there have been requests for a strong rival for MegaMan Volnutt. Most of the other Mega Man series have one or more male rival type characters for the main hero. Proto Man, Bass, Zero, Rogue… The ranks of the rivals are many, so it’s no wonder […]

More X Carddas!

Some samples of what I hope to do at some point: get nice quality scans of all the Mega Mission cards to go with the translations. On the left, we have the Rockman X Mega Mission No. 01 holocard. On the right, Rockman X Jumbo Mega Mission I. Even though the Jumbo cards are much […]


It’s time for this week’s installment of Shigeto Ikehara’s Rock’n Game Boy saga!

X Pic Weekend Roundup

We’ve got all the pieces, now let’s put it all together!

Free X Pic Weekend part 4

Time for our last card of the set! Enjoy!

Free X Pic Weekend part 3

Time for another Rockman X pic to brighten up the weekend!