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Free X Pic Weekend part 2

It’s day 2! Get ready for more Rockman X Carddas!

Free X Pic Weekend part 1

Starting the weekend a little early here! Just like the last free pic weekend, one image goes up each day. So, what’s the subject this time? Four Special holofoil Carddas cards from the Rockman X Revival series!

The Second Waltz

Last week we talked about Hideki Ishikawa’s W. Waltz, and how she appears in one panel of the Dreamwave Mega Man comic. Well, it’s brought to our attention that we were wrong about one thing: She’s actually in 2 panels! Consider us corrected.


The continuing adventures of Shigeto Ikehara’s Rock’n Game Boy in Rockman World.

Glyde’s Favorite Subject: Glyde!

Today we got a bit more news on the Legends 3 Prototype Version! The 3DS store should be pretty close to opening, and anticipation for our first hands-on from the project is really building up! And if that isn’t enough DASH for ya, today we’ll be looking at another DASH character, the devilishly narcissistic criminal […]

X8: Off The Charts

Your pic this friday hails from the X8 Prototype Gallery! A rough size scale chart comparing X with the main boss characters of X8. Read more if you feel like reviewing my ramblings about this particular image.

Who Puts the “Rock” in Rock’n Game Boy

If you subscribed to the new Archie Mega Man comic, it should be in your mailbox today! I’m still eagerly awaiting its arrival myself. While we wait on the mail to arrive, let’s kill time by looking at some Rockman manga from the early 90’s. Shigeto Ikehara was the artist behind the very first Rockman […]

Hideki Ishikawa’s Mega Man Universe

I’m pretty excited about the Archie Mega Man comic (which should be arriving in my mailbox any time now), and can’t wait to see what they’ll do with the Mega Man story. I’m reminded of another revision of Rockman that was done for CAP! Volume 7. Hideki Ishikawa was chosen to create a Rockman image […]

Translation and Localization: X5 and beyond

Concerning a recent news item that sheds some light on an old practice.