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Pile Up Pipe Dreams

Hey, here’s a thing.

Dr. Right Takes Over the World

R20+5 contains amongst its bounty some Rockman 9 early storyboard concepts for the opening demo scene that show off some of the unused ideas of the Inti Creates development team, along with the unused robot masters and the original subtitle for the game.

Glyde’s Favorite Subject: Glyde!

Today we got a bit more news on the Legends 3 Prototype Version! The 3DS store should be pretty close to opening, and anticipation for our first hands-on from the project is really building up! And if that isn’t enough DASH for ya, today we’ll be looking at another DASH character, the devilishly narcissistic criminal […]


Your pic this week is even more RockBoard! This is the official art for the four stages you play on, from the RockBoard Manual. Fans of global geography will surely recognize that these maps were based on the real continents (and one country) of Africa, the United States, Antarctica, and South America. Or, as the […]

The Board That Rocked

Capcom’s first non-action video game starring Rockman came out in January of 1993. How do you sell a Rockman game that’s completely unlike a Rockman game? If you’re Capcom, you do it like this.

The Lost Episode of Rockman 6

For this Monday’s update, I decided to post a page from Club Capcom’s Spring 1993 issue. Club Capcom magazine is the predecessor of the CFC-Style Fan Book mini ‘zines that I pulled content from last week. This time, I’m translating a prologue teaser for Rockman 6 that also made a cryptic new announcement regarding the […]