Monthly Archives: December, 2009

Mega Mission 3, Conclusion

In honor of Mega Man’s 22nd birthday tomorrow, I present the final chapter of Mega Mission 3, completed.

Mega Mission 3, Part 3

If you’ve been waiting months for this, my sincerest apologies. I’ll spare you the excuses, and just jump in with the action.

Robot Fever

Just something I was mulling over in my head. For those yet unspoiled, Mega Man 10’s story concept involves our heroes battling against a robot virus called Robotenza, the etymology of which I suppose would be Robot+Influenza.

For Chrono Trigger Fans

I picked up the latest Chrono Trigger port recently, and I’ve been falling in love with the game all over again. It’s as if the DS were my Epoch, taking me back to 1995, where the SNES was king and Toriyama a god. (Well, if you were a teenage nerd in the continental US like […]

Has it really been over a year already?

Not since my last blog entry, I mean since Mega Man 9 came out. Feels like less time somehow.