Mega Mission 3, Part 3

If you’ve been waiting months for this, my sincerest apologies. I’ll spare you the excuses, and just jump in with the action.

Card No. 108 Description (Back):
Title (Front): Mega Mission 3 Story 11

Reborn with extraordinary power, Return iX was preparing to deliver the final blow to X when suddenly he was shot from behind!
“Answer me!” demanded the sniper. “You should be our ally, and yet you attacked my subordinates! You dare to oppose me, Enemice! Why?!”
“I was born for the sole purpose of defeating X! It is the only reason for my evolution! I won’t let anyone stand in my way!!”

Return X Shot
Title (Back):
Return iX is Shot!!
Notes: RX’s aim has been thrown by a powerful blow from behind, as another new character makes a dramatic entrance. X has once again been saved by the people who are out to kill him. Lucky him to be so popular. A strong new enemy has arrived, who claims to be the superior of the Hyper Limiteds. Who is this Enemice?
Card No. 109 Description (Back):
Title (Front): NAME: ENEMICE-HL

Remeet Order Breaker

DATA: Before his death, Tackione had been working on constructing Enemice, the most powerful Order Breaker. Upon achieving Hyper Limited power, Enemice booted himself up.

WEAPON: His arms are equipped with charged particle cannons, and can also deliver a devastating drill punch called the Piston Knuckle!

Title (Back):
Enemice Hyper Limited
Notes: The Hyper Limited ringleader Enemice is revealed to be the posthumous son of Tackione. He was left incomplete, but thanks to the constant evolution of Limited his body was able to finish constructing itself. The successor to the Limited throne is very mechanical looking, with large bolts, gears and wires being a major motif of his design. In addition to his raw power, he also has inherited aspects of Tackione’s scientific ability, which our heroes will discover shortly.
Card No. 110 Description (Back):
Title (Front): Mega Mission 3 Story 12

Putting his death match with X on hold, RX launched into an intense battle with Enemice.
“If I don’t hurry and beat this guy, I’ll never get my proper bout with X… X, I’ll let you borrow my power, for now!!”
With a flash of light, RX’s body vanished, and X and Zero found themselves equipped with brand new armors!

Fusion?! Return X
Title (Back):
Fusion?! Return iX
Notes: Return iX will do anything to get his uninterrupted death match with X… including merging himself with the one he hates most! Uh… okay! This card treats us to a scene of RX’s sinister looking body combining with X. Having come so close to losing his very soul to Limited in the past, one might expect X to be weary of such gifts. Is this erratic enemy really on the level, or does he have some ulterior motive to merge with our heroes? What dangers have they welcomed into themselves? Even so, it looks like this is the best and only chance X and Zero have for survival at this point. Things seem to be happening so fast, did they really even have a choice in the matter? It’s too late now, and X must once again rely on the power of Limited to end a dangerous conflict. So, what new powers have X and Zero gained from converging with this temporary new ally?
Card No. 111 Description (Back):
Title (Front): NAME: ROCKMAN X (X ARMOR)

Irregular Hunter

DATA: Caught in a dire battle, X borrowed the power of RX, and this new form was created. RX has evolved his own body into an armor!!

WEAPON: The X Buster is borrowing from RX’s power. Its abilities now surpass even the Clear High Buster!

Rockman X
Title (Back):
Rockman X (iX Armor)
Notes: On the surface, it looks like X has made out pretty well with this new arrangement. This new armor has all the power of Mega Mission 1’s Clear Armor, and then some. This time around, lets hope X stays in control.

This armor is also called the EX Armor in the model kit toyline. However, it is actually “ikusu” armor. And although the images in the card series don’t look it, the dark blue parts of this armor are shown to be semi-transparent in the toy version.

Card No. 112 Description (Back):
Title (Front): NAME: ZERO (X ARMOR)

Irregular Hunter

DATA: In the same manner as X, a portion of RX’s power has evolved into an armor and been installed. This armor should render all of Limited’s attacks ineffective!!

WEAPON: The Zero Buster has been amplified with RX’s power! Its destructive power is now several times greater than before!!

Title (Back):
Zero (iX Armor)
Notes: Zero has gotten the same treatment, and his first exclusively Limited-endowed armor. The only noticable changes are the buster and shoulder armor. Zero is bringing the big shoulder look back. Just like X, the toy version of this is called EX Armor, and features armor transparency in the red portions. Depending on your tastes, it may not look as impressive as the Neo Armor, but in terms of power this armor is a heavy contender for Zero’s strongest form from the Mega Mission files.
Card No. 113 Description (Back):
Title (Front): Mega Mission 3 Story 13

“What a clever trick… Now let me show you the power of this chip that I’ve created! Go, my four warriors! Combine!” Hearing Enemice’s order, the HL foursome appeared once more. With the power of the chip, their bodies were fused together. Thus, they evolved into a single ultra-powerful Remeet Repliroid…

Hyper Limited Combine
Title (Back):
Hyper Limited Quadruple Fusion!!
Notes: Two can play at the fusion game, it seems. Enemice responds to RX’s treachery with a little merger of his own design. The battered bodies of the Hyper Limiteds have united to form a new and monstrous entity. By creating such a chip, Enemice demonstrates he’s got brains to back up his brawn. But how does his creature stack up against the iX-empowered Irregular Hunters?
Card No. 114 Description (Back):
Title (Front): Fusion Remeet Repliroid

DATA: The combined form of the 4 Hyper Limiteds, brought forth by the power of Enemice’s chip. Can it be four times as powerful?!

WEAPON: It has complete access to all 4 Hyper Limiteds’ weapons and abilities.

Mix Forte
Title (Back):
Mix Forte
Notes: Usually facing off with a giant mutant marks the finale of a Mega Mission story arc, but this adventure is still far from over. It’s time for X and Zero to test their new abilities in a trial by fire with their amalgamous adversary.

By the way, this beast has no relation to Forte/Bass from the classic series. Their names are even spelled and pronounced differently in Japanese, Forte is フォルテ “forute” (as in for-tay) while Mix Forte is ミックス・フォート “mikkusu footo” (mix fort).

Card No. 115 Description (Back):
Title (Front): Mega Mission 3 Story 14

Mix Forte proved himself a formidable foe, wielding the powers of all 4 Hyper Limiteds. Unleashing its quad arsenal of weapons simultaneously, Mix Forte set out on a destructive rampage! However, the power of the iX Armors rendered the Limited attacks useless. Working together in an incredible coordinated strike, Mix Forte crumbled before the power of X and Zero.

Twin Hunter vs Mix Forte
Title (Back):
Hunter Duo vs Mix Forte
Notes: Mix Forte let out a furious barrage, but was no match for the power of the iX Armors combined with the skill of the two legendary Hunters. Having laid waste to the 4 Hyper Limiteds once and for all, our heroes’ focus turns to this incident’s mastermind, the mysterious Enemice. What other surprises might he be packing up his piston-powered sleeves?
Card No. 116 Description (Back):
Title (Front): Mega Mission 3 Story 15

“X, Zero… Well done. Even though you had to borrow Return iX’s power to do it, you two have nonetheless proven yourselves quite a nuisance… However, I am not dismayed. That is because I was endowed with supreme power by my late master, the great Tackione. I and I alone was created to be the ultimate destructive machine!!”

Rockman X vs Enemice HL
Title (Back):
Rockman X vs Enemice Hyper Limited
Notes: Enemice’s villainous monologue is full of vile menace, but does he have the power to back up his big talk? The picture on this card suggests he just might, as he prepares to crush X’s head in his bare hand. The inheritor of all Tackione’s power and knowledge, he boasts that the other Hyper Limiteds were mere trifling experiments before himself. Have X, Zero and RX finally met their match?
Card No. 117 Description (Back):
Title (Front): Mega Mission 3 Story 16

Enemice had X cornered with his fearsome Piston Knuckle, but his old friend Zero came through with the assist, catching his enemy off guard. With incredible finesse, Zero had turned the tables on Enemice. Then at last, Enemice finally caught the full force of X’s buster and Zero’s Beam Sabre.

ZERO vs Enemice HL
Title (Back):
Zero vs Enemice Hyper Limited
Notes: Enemice came out swinging, but he should have known better than to turn his back on Zero. Mighty though he may be, the tag team of X and Zero reign supreme. Can this nightmare finally be over? Or, has it only just begun? If you don’t think Enemice has another trump card to play, you don’t know Mega Mission! The final boss, the final fusion, and the final conclusion to the Mega Mission saga lie just ahead!

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