Monthly Archives: November, 2010

On A Roll

Hey guys! It’s Monday, and that usually means an update here at the Lav! BUT…. I started playing the new Donkey Kong Country this weekend… and haven’t stopped. I’ve barely paused to break for maintaining bodily functions. This game has stolen my soul and hijacked my life (and I’m lovin’ it)! I’m afraid I’m not […]

Free Meal Friday

The characters from Rockman DASH sit down to a feast with other Capcom characters in this little pic that appeared in CAP! Vol. 8. Looks like MegaMan is getting just a little too much attention from Lilith for Roll’s tastes. Meanwhile: Jimmy like Servbot!

Happy Thanksgiving

The Making of the Ultimate Armor

Since so many of you were interested in the last article about the Ultimate Armor, I thought you guys might enjoy this. From CAP! Volume 4 comes this rare glimpse at how the Ultimate Armor was conceived. And as a special bonus… want to see what Zero’s X4 Ultimate Armor would have looked like?

Free Harem Friday

Today’s free pic is another from the Ryuji Higurashi pre-Capcom art files of the CFC. The subject this time? The ladies of Capcom! The art is brilliant, as you’ve no doubt come to expect. The staff at Capcom commented, “Who wouldn’t want a harem like this!

ZX Tunes Cover Cavalcade

Another of these requests I’ve been meaning to do, though not for as long as the last one. The Rockman ZX Arranged Soundtrack “ZX Tunes” came out in 2006 and sported 8 different CD title cards, each with a unique cover created by an artist who worked with the Rockman series. Apparently images of these […]

TvC: CGoH Endings

This was a request I had a while back. I promised I’d scan these, and promptly totally forgot all about it. But today I’m catching up with some of the things I’ve procrastinated with, and so here we are! The Japanese Tatsunoko vs Capcom Cross Generation of Heroes Official Character Guidebook collected the ending images […]

Zero! ‘Nuff said.

Since it seems readily apparent that I’m not going to get what I had planned for today done with all these distractions, let’s do this instead. Zero’s been confirmed for MvC3! I think most of us were already expecting it, but hooray just the same! To celebrate, it’s time for some Carddas Zero action! From […]

Know Your Heroine: Roll Caskett

Designer, mechanic, airship pilot, spotter and all-around renaissance woman, Roll Caskett does it all. Well, everything except clean the toilets. That’s man’s work.

Free Chaser Friday

Jumping around with the Carddas again, today’s card is from the 5th series of classic Rockman cards, portraying Rockman’s battle with the Space Ruler (or Stardroid) Neptune. This card is unique because it depicts Rockman using the Spark Chaser special weapon. So far as I’m aware, this is the only published picture showing what color […]