Monthly Archives: November, 2010

Inafune Remembers Rockman

The man may have left the hallowed halls of Capcom, but there’s little doubt that he’s left his mark behind over the many years. As part of the Rockman series’ 10th birthday campaign back in 1997, Keiji Inafune got together with the Capcom Friendly Club and recanted his own feelings and recollections of working with […]

The Race for Recognition

For this Free Pic Friday, another of Ryuji Higurashi’s fan art submissions from before he was Capcom, as appeared in CAP! magazine #5 in late 1997. His bunny-eared Lilly design was recently voted 5th place by fans in the Legends 3 New Heroine Contest! As noted on the side by the image, Capcom was really […]

Know Your Hero: MegaMan Volnutt

Every Legend needs a hero. For MegaMan Legends, that hero is MegaMan (Rock) Volnutt.