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Free Harem Friday

Today’s free pic is another from the Ryuji Higurashi pre-Capcom art files of the CFC. The subject this time? The ladies of Capcom!

The art is brilliant, as you’ve no doubt come to expect. The staff at Capcom commented, “Who wouldn’t want a harem like this! <3" Oh Capcom Dev Room, how your crass and sexist ways entertain us all! Enjoy the weekend everyone!

4 Comments to "Free Harem Friday"

  1. RADIX's Gravatar RADIX
    2010/11/19 Friday - 8:02 am | Permalink

    I’d like a harem like that if everyone kept their clothes on and didn’t call me Mistress… :/

  2. 2010/11/19 Friday - 5:54 pm | Permalink

    When was this picture done? I’d say sometime around 1998-2000, but I’m not sure.

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