Rock Brother

The tale of Rockman’s long lost older bro who left home mysteriously never to return
…and I don’t mean Blues.

The older brother of Rockman who ran off to Brazil or something

As you can see, I’m talking about Rockman Brazil, the half-baked creation of Rock & Rush manga artist Sakura.

Dressed as if he just got done marching in the Mardi Gras parade, Brazil was born when Sakura crossed Rockman with the ganguro fashion and foreign culture fascination that was sweeping Japan’s youth in the 1990s. His trademark look includes a colorful horizontal striped shirt, bell bottoms and a ‘fro-shaped helmet, along with the tan-faced white lips of traditional ganguro style. It probably goes without saying that Brazil is not the most racially or culturally sensitive character, but somehow that just fits in perfectly with Sakura’s off-color/socially inappropriate world.

Brazil has made a handful of cameos in yonkomas and Capcom Secret Files, but he’s perhaps most famous for his appearance in the one-page comic Rock & Rush World 2 that first appeared in CAP! Vol. 6.

The Tale of Rockman’s Big Brother

Rockman Brazil
There are a lot of rumors going around about this guy I guess. They say he’s supposed to be Rockman’s brother, but the real mystery is whether he even exists at all.

By the way, “Brazil” is written on his shirt (and yet for some reason it’s written in Japanese…)

Rush: I wanna meet Rockman’s big bro someday…

Here’s a few others from the pages of Capcom Design Works Early Days:


by Sakura

Panel 1:
Rush: I can’t believe you’re not here yet Rockman…

Panel 2:
Rush: Sure are late, arn’cha…

Panel 3:
Rush: Huh?
I wanna go to Brazil.

by Sakura

Panel 1:
Rush: I heard that Rockman’s big bro was in Brazil. …I wanna go!

Panel 2:
Rush: So we took a flight.

Panel 3:
Rush: And we arrived!

Panel 4:
But I was mistaken.

Brazil also made an appearance in the image gallery section of the Database for the Playstation version of Rockman 2.

Rockman’s brother who seemingly left for Brazil?

Rock: No way!

Brazil usually winds up with a slightly different color scheme in every appearance. Some say he’s an just urban legend. Others insist he’s actually Rock dressed up for a rave, or to play tricks on people. But does Rockman Brazil really exist? No one knows for sure, and only poor Rush seems to care.

Quint, N-Team Mega, and now Brazil… I think the theme of this week is “alternative Rockman.”

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  1. RADIX's Gravatar RADIX
    2011/03/17 Thursday - 8:00 am | Permalink

    Another long-lost older brother, huh? Well, at least he’s not a Marty Stu…

  2. nonA's Gravatar nonA
    2011/03/17 Thursday - 4:28 pm | Permalink

    Although no present in it, does his creation have any relation to the weird Brazilian comic “Novas Aventuras de Mega Man”?

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