A Day in the Life of a Servbot

First post of 2011! Felt like taking a little impromptu vacation. Did you guys miss me? There’s going to have to be some restructuring of the update schedule around here, but let’s figure that out later. And, speaking of schedules…

This time we’ll be focusing on some of my favorite characters. I’m sure it comes as a surprise to no one, but of course I’m talking about those lovable little LEGO kids who break all the rules on child labor, the Servbots!

From pages 60 and 61 of the Rockman DASH Great Adventure Guide:

A True Account
Kobun For A Day!

Kobun #27:
Today we’re going to show everyone what it’s like to be a Kobun like us for a day!

Kobun #8:
You’re sure to enjoy it. So let’s begin!

“This is what an average day for us is like!”

Breakdown of the various duties of numbers 1-40!!

We are each numbered from 1 to 40, and we were all created by Miss Tron. You might think that because there’s 40 of us, that getting our work done is a breeze. But actually, we’re usually pretty busy. And sometimes that Blue Boy shows up, and we all get beaten! But that’s okay. Because we’re the Bonnes, and we keep on going no matter how tough things get!!

Every day, we’re busy working hard! You can’t be an air pirate without some serious effort!

Job 1
Battle stations – Where we take all the treasure from the nice people.
Our most important job is to get all the treasure from the other Digouters or the people living on the islands. Master Teisel calls the battle plans. If a strong guy like the Blue Boy shows up, Miss Tron or Master Bon have to come help finish the work.
If we get beat by the Blue Boy, we are to run away with all our might! We’re supposed to leave the rest up to Miss Tron and the others.

Job 2
Kitechen detail – Where we work to create a nutritious menu.
Here we prepare all the meals for the Bonne Family, and ourselves too. When it comes to kitchen duty, we each take turns being in charge. We tend to have curry rice a lot. Miss Tron says we can save a lot on grocery bills that way.
We pay a lot of attention to getting the seasonings just right. We have a reputation of deliciousness to uphold!

Job 3
Maintenance – Where we check all the mecha we use in our operations.
It’s our duty to inspect the Gesellschaft, the Draches we ride around in, and all the different air pirate mechas we use. Miss Tron teaches us how to repair the broken mechas. We also assist her in constructing new mechas.
You have to treat machines with love and respect, Miss Tron always says!

Job 4
Piloting – Flying our mother ship is an elite level position.
Though we kobuns do a lot of piloting, those who are responsible for flying the Gesellschaft are part of an elite kobun class! That’s because it’s such an important job, being entrusted with the safety of all the Bonnes. Everyone aspires to the spot of the top kobun pilot!
When you can properly pilot the Gesellschaft, you become part of an elite group!

“The Gesellschaft is the place where we all live!!”

We do most of our work inside the Gesellschaft!!
We live in an enormous flying ship we call the Gesellschaft. I guess everybody’s probably heard of the Bonne Family’s mobile base. In addition to being the place where we all live, it’s also the place we work out of. What’s that, you want to know if it’s really cramped with all 40 of us living here together? Well, it’s not bad at all. The Gesellschaft is so big, it’s actually really nice!
You’ll find us everywhere all over the Gesellschaft. We’re always bustling around!

What everyone’s dying to know!!
The Daily Duties of the Kobuns!!

This was our work schedule on a certain day.
Here, we’ll finally show you what a day in our actual lives is like. On our ship, everyone has their own duties to be performed throughout the day. We usually get up early in the morning and get to bed by 10 at night. Master Teisel says that a healthy lifestyle is the path to becoming better air pirates. If you want to hear more, please take a look at this time schedule!!


5am => Rise and shine

#1 ~ 6 => To kitchen detail
#7 ~ 15 => Rotate to engine room detail
#16 ~ 23 => Rotate to cockpit detail
#24 ~ 32 => To mecha maintenance

Of course even though it’s early, some kobuns are already up and moving!
Not all kobuns sleep at night. There always need to be kobuns stationed in the cockpit and engine rooms. Besides, we never know when our enemies may strike, so we have to be on lookout around the clock.

8am => Breakfast time for busy kobuns

Morning chores continue
On this day we continued to take turns with our work throughout the morning. If we hadn’t been scheduled for a mission today, we would have continued doing the same chores throughout the day.

The kobuns who were on duty get some rest
When morning comes, the kobuns who worked the night shift are relieved one by one. After that they eat a morning meal and are generally off to bed by noon. But when we have a mission on days like today, they don’t get to sleep just yet!

12 noon => Lunchtime (curry rice)

#1 ~ 6 => On mission with Miss Tron
#24 ~ 32 => On mission with Master Bon

This just happened to be an operation day. On this occasion the kobuns who were on kitchen detail and the ones on mecha adjustment detail were sent to participate in some missions.

Today’s lunch menu, curry rice again!?
I know we already covered this before, but we come up with all of the menus for all our meals all by ourselves. We have so many mouths to feed, too. Our number one item on the menu is always curry rice.
Even in the opening demo, we can be found eating curry rice. It’s inexpensive, and delicious!

4pm => #33 ~ 40 Rush to meet Miss Tron and Master Bon

We’re ready for action any time the Bonne Family requires, day or night!!
On this day Miss Tron and Master Bon went out on business to Kattelox Island. They went out to get a key to the ruins from the Mayor. But then, both Miss Tron and Master Bon got beat by that Blue Boy. We set out in the Draches to pick them up at once!!
If Master Teisel is ever in trouble, we mobilize the Draches without hesitation.
Even Master Bon was in a pinch. We recovered him immediately so he wasn’t found by that Blue Boy!!

5pm => Mission Report

7pm => Suppertime

After supper, those who aren’t on cockpit or engine room detail get to spend a little free time however they choose. Everyone usually goes to their room and does whatever they like.

10pm => Bedtime

The mistakes in today’s mission were evaluated once we got home!!
After a mission is over, everyone assembles in the meeting room. On this day that Blue Boy interfered with Miss Tron and Master Bon’s work, and Master Teisel got really upset. Master Teisel decided to go on the mission next time. Us too, whenever we get beat we always come back and try again.
Master Teisel was really worked up, like usual. He’s always over the top.

“The Bonne Family never gives up!!”

They sure don’t, and neither do my readers! Thanks for sticking around despite all the delays!

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    Nice to finally see an update. 🙂

    And to see this Servbot schedule. (I figured they didn’t have to eat, though…)

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    Good thing you posted that servbot schedule…I think there are a good 2000+ people claiming to be servbots over at some other website who ought to be using that for reference and research. 😛

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      I dishonor the righteous name of Servbot 303 : (

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    Wow! I never knew that being a Kobun requires that much detail. I admire you guys! I love what Miss Tron say about treating machines with love and respect.

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